• Looks like David Coverdale will be releasing a new Whitesnake album in a few months....tentatively titled,
    "Good To Be Bad" - he recently posted on his website the following that would certainly be interesting, eh :thumbup:


    "I was talking with Doug (Aldrich) recently that I was thinking that some of the new Whitesnake songs could use some of GLENN's extraordinary singing, but, just a thought at this time.

    I haven't discussed anything with him. We shall have to see how that goes, so please don’t be holding me to anything. GLENN and I were in touch recently, with him telling me about his tour in Russia. He tells me there is great interest in a Deep Purple MK. III reunion over there."

  • i still think a Hughes/Coverdale album is the most likely prospect.

    And that alone would be good enough for me.

    Chad could replace Paice no problem and i think Jeff could fill in for Ritchie.
    Getting Blackmore to take part is the biggest hurdle by a long, long way.

    :ghcp: "It's in my blood"

  • Yeah tend to agree Wolfy though I think the line up could be with Aldridge, Aldrich.

    Still hopefully RB will decide to do it ,its clear the others are up for it...

  • If there is to be a mark three reunion (and i would love to see it) it must have all five members to have any credibility.

    That is Blackmore ,Coverdale, Hughes, Lord and Paice, i think we know that Glenn, David and Jon are up for it and could fit it into their schedules.

    As for Ritchie he has said that he would be willing to do a reunion tour for nostalgic reasons and for the fans and at present there is no chance of him playing with the current Deep Purple line up after recent comments from Ian Gillan.

    However how would he fit in With David and Glenn as he has always openly stated that he hated the Stormbringer album with its "shoeshine music" and to do a full set they would have to play a lot of stuff off this album.

    As for Paicey, this is the real problem as he is still a member of the current incarnation of Deep Purple who are still a very active band. I can imagine the reaction of Ian Gillan if Paicey wanted to take a sabbatical and do a Mark three reunion tour.

    So lets hope it comes off but to be honest i cant see it and i would much rather see Glenn pushing on with his latest material and touring with Chad, rather than participating in some Deep Red Purple Peppers project

  • As for Paice - he did some gigs last weeks with a coverband called Demon's Eye. Playing songs like Burn... Mistreated... Sail Away...


  • a markIII would be great, like a dream would come true :claphandsbut are there enough people who might be interested ? if I look at the heaven & hell reunion, there are good responses. so let's cross the fingers.

  • With all due respect Fedor, i think there is a world of difference between Ian Paice playing a few gigs with a tribute act for a bit of fun and what would be a huge, probably world wide tour if the MK3 reunion takes place.

    This would involve serious money and a period of 4 to 6 months on the road. So i can only see Ian Paice being involved if Deep Purple were to take a year out or call it a day.

  • I would LOVE to see MK3 Purple as I was only 3 years old when Burn was released!!! And the Burn album was where it all started for me as a DP fan...

    I just don't see how this would be possible:

    1. DC is keeping the Whitesnake revival near and dear to his heart.

    2. GH is rightfully focusing solely on his solo career and a big US push is near at hand, folks!

    3. Paicey would have to deal with the Purple people. I know Gillan and Glover would not be overly pleased. Also, from a financial perspective, would a MK3 reunion tour be financially viable (when we all know MK2 gets all the DP glory)? With Blackmore onboard, this might just be. If it is a big payday, would Paicey risk losing his long-term gig with Purple for a 3 or 4 months tour, which may or may not complete to term with all the egos involved.

    4. Blackmore is the lynch pin. Without him there is no tour. And I bet Ritchie isn't even pulling the strings on this one. Its his manager/mother-in-law. If she can be convinced, then I'm sure Blackmore would do it. But then we might have Candice Night somewhere on stage for a MK3 reunion performance and I wouldn't want that in a million years (no offence to Ms. Night, who's a fine singer). Otherwise, this might well be a dealbreaker.

    Too many if's. Although it would be an amazing show, if it did ever come together...


  • i think a covedale hughes reunion would by a cool thing i saw deep purple playing live i the netherlands last year but, they play perfect ,but i missed the energie on stage i think a dream reunion would be coverdale/hughes/ and blackmore!!! :thumbup:

  • A bit of back-pedaling perhaps :confused: as Coverdale was recently quote as saying on his website:


    "As disappointed as some may be, I am disappointed to have to keep repeating this, I have not agreed in any way, shape or form, to a reformation of Deep Purple Mk III, and my soul brother (GLENN) should be aware of that after our repeated conversations. Those of you who have followed and supported me for many years know how I feel about 'going back.' The only consideration, as I have said repeatedly in interviews, would be my willingness to be involved in a 'one-off' charity show which would feature all surviving members of Deep Purple.

    "As you all know who co-habit this little oasis of ours, I am entirely devoted to my band Whitesnake and have plans and ideas for the band that will take me as far as my rapidly maturing legs will allow and then some. I have nothing but the fondest and totally appreciative memories of my time spent with Purple and all the incredible adventures that continue to this day, related entirely to the opportunities I was given by the band. But, now it's Whitesnake time, as far as I am concerned, and I am dedicated to fulfilling all my hopes, wishes and dreams to ensuring quality work for all involved in the Snake, and, along with the time I need to be with my family at home. That pretty much fills my years in the most satisfying way. If indeed there is a reformation, then I wish them every success, and perhaps Whitesnake could 'special guest' them somewhere!"

    The plot thickens, eh :D

  • As much as i would want to see a MkIII gig, i really think that it's all rumour, and unfortunately it's seems to be coming from Glenn's camp :confused: Maybe he has just been misquoted in the press :huh:

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