An Old Chestnut......

  • Hi One and All

    Now that things are settling down at work, time to look at whats happening in Hughesland.....................

    Glad to see the USA is getting soem gigs at long last, you guys have been most patient..................................

    But what about Scotland and the UK, looks like the Shepherds Bush date is going to be the only one, so having moved back to Scotland the chances of G playing here are getting even more remote!!

    Ah well, at least Styx are back again (great band live) and REO Speedwagon are here in June (another great band live) so guess myspending money will go on them rather than G......

    Ah well, back to


  • Well Grace, you know how it agent wanted afortune in fees and they said no!!!! :lol:

    Being the Manging Secretary I am a mere employee of the club and not the star, but everyone seems to want to know the Secretary!!!

  • Hi Chris,

    Living in Cardiff, my partner and I travelled to London in for both original date and resheduled date. So glad I didnt miss it, spent a fortune but it was worth it, Glenn was immense and we were totally spellbound by his performance. Hope he would come to Wales one day too.

    Don't know who the rude girls are, and really don't want to. Again really enjoyed Toby's performance. Looking forward to styx in Cardiff in April.

    Lets keep on wishing Glenn will do the whole of GB one day.

    My name is linnybeth, and I luv ya xxx

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