Whisky, Los Angeles June 2nd, 2007

  • now all booked up. i'll be at this show as part of the Todd and Chip (and now Wolfy) Roadtrip!

    My presence almost made it ... but not this time around :cool:

    I wish more than anything that I was with you guys ... and Roger ... and musicnracin ... and JohnH ... and David and Shirean. Sigh!

    Wolfy - good to talk to you again and thanks for all your hard work and effort :rose:


    'You thought that you could take me for granted, but I couldn't take it no more. Better run if you see me coming ... '

  • Since last sunday chat, I can't stop thinking about this trip to L.A.....That would not be reasonable but I will check the cost and let you know the final decision. :cool:


  • Nathalie,
    NYC would be quite a bit cheaper for you...

    "if only we'd turn around and notice the door to the cell is open"

  • Sorry guys, we will not be able to make it this time :(
    It's not possible for Jerome, my husband, to take days off at this period and it would be crazy to take a 14 hours flight to go to LA just for the week end.... Unless Glenn decides to postpone the gigs to August...Then we would be able to do both :lol:

    Anyway, we cannot complain as we will go and see Glenn next month in Torino with Moonstone and we are also going to Raismes Festival in september so, we are quite lucky.

    Sending you lots of sun from my Riviera :)


  • I would never say that Monsieur Wolfy, I wouldn't dare ;)

    We would have done it if we were to stay for a week.
    But in the present situation, we would have to depart Nice on friday evening, arrive LA on saturday, go to the gig, leave LA on sunday, arrive Nice on monday morning and....go to work :eek:

    We are too old for that :lol:


  • Whew.... that's a lot of support bands. Let's hope they start in the afternoon. If not, it'll be past this geezer's bedtime before Glenn even hits the stage :lol:

    I think someone, or myself, brought this up in an earlier post, but does anyone have any ideas on where we can all meet up before and or after the show? I've been up and down the strip a few times, but don't know it all that well. I only have contact info for only a few of us. Since there is quite a few of us from the site that will be there, it would be nice to have something prearranged if possible. Or maybe after the show we could all congregate outside the venue and figure something out then.

    Don't forget to wear your GH or CTC shirts....gotta show our gang colors ;)



  • does anyone have any ideas on where we can all meet up before and or after the show? Don't forget to wear your GH or CTC shirts....gotta show our gang colors ;)

    The Rainbow is a stones throw away from the Whisky but it's rather small....there's also the House of Blues further down the strip (10/15 minute walk) which is bigger, but less intimate :p

    By the way, for those who will be in LA on the Friday night, Jeff Kollman is playing with one of his other bands, Cosmosquad, at The Baked Potato - 2 sets - so you should be able to catch one of them for sure. Cosmosquad also feature Shane Gaalaas on drums, who you should all remember played with GLENN not long ago.


  • Looks like now, there are 4 or 5 support acts before the main show starts :(

    We'll have to get the funk out before the mosh pits are built :D

    Sound like a long night, but well worth the wait, eh :div27: :cool:

    I prefer to just get there before Glenn hits. I just got home from Yamaha's concert (maybe Glenn will be there next year) It's act after act after act and then before the last one ends it's time to go home already. I don't have the attention span to stand around all night.


  • This is very disheartening news to me. If I am not playing music myself/working, I don't go anywhere without my family. There are very few people in the world I care to walk us into a club to hear, fewer still (ok, only Glenn) I would fly from Texas to California to hear. Although this venue allows children and has good security (we checked it out thoroughly before we bought plane and concert tickets), I had no idea there was going to be 4 other bands before Glenn came on. I had safety concerns, but I assumed this was going to be a room full of Glenn's fans....knowing nothing about these other bands, I don't know what kind of a crowd they will pull. So. Also, I can pretty much bet my son will be too tired to enjoy anything before Glenn ever starts, I know I would be. Since we don't have a baby sitter, I am considering....will probably have to stay at the motel and let Susan tell me about the show. Maybe he'll come to Texas some day, a headliner there doesn't have to have 4 opening acts.

    Not super pumped.

    Am I mistaken or can I assume he won't come onstage until at least 11 or 11:30? Even assuming the first act starts at 7 or 8, I can't see them getting on and off stage after 2 or 3 songs, moving equipment, etc....until at least then. Are the clubs open all night?

    I'm kind of at a loss, I guess I'll wait and see what happens when we get there and Susan calls me to tell me what's going on. But looks like I will miss it.

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