FREE Shepherds Bush Ticket

  • I bought a ticket for the Shepherds Bush Empire show originally scheduled for 29 October 2006. When it was cancelled I ended up going to the Dudley show instead.

    I still have the Shepherds Bush ticket but I can't make it to London on the new date. I will gladly give the ticket to someone for free. Just send me a message letting me know where you would like the ticket sent.

    First come, first served. Enjoy the show!

    (Glenn, I hope there is still a chance that you will make it to Scotland this year. I definitely wouldn't miss that.)

  • Thanks ! I will see Glenn in London but don't have my tickets right now so if you want, i will be your "man"......
    Thanks in advance...
    Jonard Martial
    Rue des genettes 2
    6041 Gosselies

  • The first person to send me a private message was Vultrix, at 9.28am on 12 March.

    The ticket will be on it's way soon. Enjoy the show.

    Thanks to the others who sent messages, but you were too late. Sorry.


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