A sad night made better due music and star power

  • I had planned on seeing Marco Mendoza's trio for the first time Fri night at La Vee Lee in Studio City and then walking across the street to Guy's North to watch a friend's cover band. I drove to the venue, stunned and shocked having just heard about Brad Delp, I had a Fogerty CD on and talk radio but didn't really hear any of it. I get to the venue, completely shattered and start talking to the waitress about Delp, who thankfully lended a sympathetic ear. The booze started flowing and Mendoza and keyboardist Steve Weingart started playing a totally cool funky jazzy groove on Ain't No Sunshine. Wow these guys can really cook, a mixture of jazz, funk, latin music, with the powerhouse drumming of the awesome Joey Heredia. I had seen all of them in other bands. Mendoza can really sing, and I was pretty bummed out when he was out of Whitesnake and when Soul Sirkus floundered. These guys really lifted me out of being bummed out, and it was a joy to talk keyboards with Steve Weingart at the end of the first set. So I walk across the street, feeling much better and watch my friend's band. I end up sitting in at the end of the night and got to see well known bassist Phil Chen and former Dio member Rowan Robertson playing. I got to play with both of them on several songs, so this was really cool!!! Photos to follow.


  • Marco can really raise the spirits with his precence..saw him after whitesnake's finland concert with doug Aldrich and couple of local musicians playing bits of funk, soul, r'n'r etc...he really can handle singing and bass playing the same time...everybody had a real good time! I can see why you felt little better

    Bye, M

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