BB King's, New York June 4th, 2007

  • Well it all seems to be set. We'll see you at Ben's!

    Age is in the mind my friend. As you think, so you are ;)

    OK Captain, but you WILL be there I am sure. Look forward to seeing you man :singer:

    I have confirmation from certain people about meeting, they are Vinnis, Forever Young (wish I was), Captain, Wolfy, Ben, Grace and Myself. That is twelve including guests and significant others or spouses. That sounds like a good round number for dinner.
    The map is on an earlier post and the meet time is 4-4:30. See you all there :claphands:thumbup:

    PS: Wolfy, I got your meal...owe you one for the Mel Galley chat !! :D

  • I am coming up Monday morning..logistical problems and the fact that my cash is a bit tight dictate this to be a one day trip. I will get into Penn station at about 10:45 and will head out to Baldwin to meet my brother...then back into NYC to meet up with all of you at Ben's. The train ride alone will make my day....then I can just head back to Penn Station in the early morning hours and get my train back to Washington DC.

    I just printed the map...there is a Ben's Kosher Deli in my hometown..didn't realize they were one and the same! :thumbup:

    As for what I am going to wear....and i am smiling at Shirl's comment regarding the guys and their fashion choices...I think it will be either a Robin Trower 2001 tour shirt or the trusty Texas Teaser Tour shirt....whichever one I can find since my clothes are all packed in preparation for moving this week! :eek:

    Yours In The Funk
    Bill "Capt. Midnite" Redford


    "Cause if you fake the FUNK..your nose got to grow!" Bootsy Collins

  • Hi Ya'll:

    The BB King's show is now sold out! If anyone has an extra ticket, please get in touch with me (private message is cool). I've got a ticket, so I'll be there, but I need one for a friend. Thanks!


    "I'm a soul singer in a rock genre; I've been trying to break out of the rock thing for years." ~ Glenn Hughes (1993)

  • Me again... After numerous attempts last night and this morning, I was finally able to get an order through on Ticketmaster - BB King's must have released some additional tickets today.

    Thanks, and see ya at the show.


    "I'm a soul singer in a rock genre; I've been trying to break out of the rock thing for years." ~ Glenn Hughes (1993)

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