• Just doing some reflecting tonight. Of course Daddy is most inspirational...what is hitting me tonite is....

    I kiss the day, there can be no other answer Turn back the time and let me in I look away, as they stare and all their glances Now I can tell you where I've been All alone inside myself I guess I never knew which way to go The time has come to know yourself And I don't want to live that way again.

    I'm miles away, as I look into the water And there's a tide that pulls me in The missing page where there'll be the sons and daughters I live and die it's hard to take Safe within, this higher ground The pleasure and the pain has come and gone I have been once lost now found And I don't want to live that way again

    There's a light in the distance And a voice that cries freedom There's a child in the mirror, Much too long he's been grievin' I have stumbled thru madness Now I've made my decision, And I don't want to live that way again

    So I pull down the shutters And I wave my resistance And I wait for the sirens That will ring thru my head I was cast as a leper! Now I've replaced my religion And I don't want to live that way again

    God Bless You GHCP and Gabi and Glenn and David and Shirean and Ann and Nancy and.......Kenny call me you MF!! :p

  • Every once in awhile, we GHCPs have a
    "Name your favorite GH song" contest. Blah, blah.

    But when the chips are down and......."depression is our friend"
    and things are going kerbluey in our lives,
    I think that "I don't want to live that way again"
    is the Glenn Hughes song..........that means the most to most of us :rose:

    (Only being a usually happy-go-lucky crowd, we don't mention it.)
    (Yeah, that particular song has gotten me over a few rough times, too.)


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