• I have several questions about Run For Cover.Isn't that Glenn singing lead on all the songs? It sounds like it to me.Also,If in fact it is Glenn then why does the booklet that comes with the cd says,run for cover title track is Gary Moore as lead singer as well as empty rooms,out in the fields,once in a lifetime and listen to your heart beat? Then there's Phil Lynott singing lead on military man!I love this cd,Gary Moore is in my top 20 Guitarist.I also love the song nothing to lose,it's my favorite song on the cd!Although the 80's was a dark era for Glenn, I love his voice on 7th star,phenomena,phenomena 2 dream runner and fused even though it's not from the 80's.I like the heavyness and darkness of his voice.His lighter stuff is fabulous as well but, I tend to lean toward the darker stuff :cool:

  • "......Run For Cover.Isn't that Glenn singing lead on all the songs?"

    That's wishful thinking on your part! Glenn sang lead vocals on 4 tracks:

    Reach For The Sky
    Out Of My System
    Nothing To Lose
    All Messed Up

    He played bass on title song Run For Cover.....:D

  • I have loved "Out of my System" since the moment I heard it. I had lost touch with Glenn's music since Purple broke up and although I had looked around, I couldn't find any of his post -Purple work. I didn't look too hard I must admit but Australia was a bit of a Glenn Hughes free zone in them days! Anyway, I was browsing through a Sydney record shop one day (the legendary Utopia Records) and came across Run for Cover. Having been a Moore fan for a number of years, imagine my delight, when I discovered that Glenn had played bass and sang on a few tracks. I was that excited that I put the Glenn tracks on before playing the first track. I was blown away to hear two of my favourites artists working togther :bow: If only you were right, Bound for Jersey. The only thing that could have made that album better was Glenn taking all lead vocal duties and singing the other part with Lynott on "Out in the Fields". I can only dream.


  • I always thought Gary tried to sing a bit like Glenn on that Album. That was one of the albums that I to rediscovered Glenn on . Then he vanished again ...only to re rediscovered in 2000 when I was walking through a Best Buy and found the R.o.c.k album which btw is still my favorite. Thank God he gave up the disappearing act :bouncer: !!

  • ... you also might find these threads interesting, here , here and here.

    As David usually says.... Search is your friend. ;)

    Also, it's still unclear whether a version of Empty Rooms with Glenn taking the lead vocal is out there :eek: , or not... :huh:
    I wish :)


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