Aussie Music For The Divine Release

  • Hi all,
    wonder if anyone can verify this new release for me.

    CD 0886970753128 SONY. 26/03/07
    Features Red Hot Chili Peppers drummer Chad Smith and guitarist John

    Bonus Tracks:
    Monkey Man Ft Jimmy Barnes
    Misty Mountain Hop Ft Jerry Cantrell


  • Awaiting confirmation, but from what I've found out, it looks genuine indeed :cool:

    Will let you know when I get the final word about it :)

  • ...the Australian version of the album will also feature: Jimmy Barnes on the 'radio edit' "MONKEY MAN" plus Alice in Chains guitarist Jerry Cantrell on the LED ZEP classic "MISTY MOUNTAIN HOP".

    You Aussies are getting all the good stuff now :D :cool:

    Seriously, really looking forward to hearing those 2 bonus tracks at long last :bouncer:

  • Hi,

    It's a great news that "Misty mountain Hop" wil be realesed, can't wait to hear it!!!!

    Please let us know how to buy the cd.

    Cheers :cheers:


  • Awaiting confirmation, but from what I've found out, it looks genuine indeed :cool:

    Will let you know when I get the final word about it :)

    OK, I've heard that this is definitely getting a release down under, but on March 23rd, and it'll have the Barnesy "Monkey Man" track for sure. The only questionable item is the addition of "Misty Mountain Hop" - it's not definite that will make it onto this release. If I hear something more definite prior to the release, will let you know!

  • Yeah, I thought Misty Mountain Hop was just too good to be true. I will keep everyone posted if i find out anything more.


  • I believe it was Long Paul, a dj on Sirius Satellite Radio channel, Buzzsaw, mentioned this new release of M4TD.

    After he played "Burn", Keith started talking about Glenn's newest album and how it's going to have a couple of bonus tracks. One of them being... "a killer version of Misty Mountain Hop." :thumbup:

    Hats off to Keith. This isn't the first time I've heard him talk about Glenn. Now if we can just get him to play some of Glenn's solo material.



  • Attached here is a promotional video clip for the song "Monkey Man" featuring both GLENN and Jimmy Barnes, which will be included on the upcoming Australia/New Zealand release of GLENN's latest solo album, "Music For The Divine".

    It contains lots of footage that will soon be available in full on GLENN's forthcoming DVD featuring his Australian acoustic 'Live at the Basement' concert and the documentary of the making of "Music For The Divine", with snippets from the Summer 2006 gig in Rome, Italy that will also be featured.



    March 23rd, 2007 will see the Australia/New Zealand release for the acclaimed

    The album will see 2 bonus tracks (and possible singles) with: "Monkey Man" featuring guest vocals by JIMMY BARNES (Australian Rock Legend) and the LED ZEPPELIN classic "Misty Mountain Hop" featuring GLENN, Chad Smith (RHCP), and Jerry Cantrell (Alice In Chains).

  • What a couple of bonus tracks! Please let us know how to buy it.

    Thanks & Cheers.


  • Hi Everyone,
    Just wanted tolet everyoneknow that the Aussie version of MFTD does indeed have a very smoking version of Led Zeps Misty Mountain Hop. Very happy Glenn and Led Zep fan here in NZ.


  • The version of Misty Mountain Hop is just brilliant. I had it in my car all day. Heck I even appeared late at work today because I intentionally took a wrong exit so I could listen to it again!

    - Fedor

  • Got it yesterday as well :cool: Had no idea Stevie Salas was also featured on this song - great stuff :thumbup: It's worth the extra just for this, but 'Monkey Man' with Jimmy Barnes, is not bad at all, although the video is even better!

  • David must be playing Misty Mountain Hop over and over again - or is there a bug in your player-signature? :D
    Must get the Aussie release now!!!!!




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