Can't Log Into MySpace to Respond to Glenn's Blog.... bummer!

  • Hello from Linda of Berkeley.

    I can't log into MySpace, again!

    Glenn, my darling, I sense that I'm the inspiration behind "This House". I swear I heard that melody and those very words in my dreams, some months ago. I woke up, and probably wrote those words in my journal.

    When I am able to log into MySpace, I am the one who leave all those long, pithy, extremely imaginative comments in your blog. Generally, I'm among the first responders, if not THE first responder to show up.... when I am ALLOWED on to MySpace... which these days is rare. *sniff*

    THANK YOU for the fan mail responses you sent me, and I will see you in your dreams. By the way, I do play guitar. Hint: remember Rome, and Herpetia the Vestal Virgin, and being one of Jesus' best buddies? Remember King Arthur, and being an English Bard, and Lady Morgana, and the Knights of Camelot? YOU, darling Taliesin, were our bard. I helped sing and compose music, doubtless with you and other Bards. Darling Pyramus, your sweet Thisbe is glad to meet you in Cyberspace. Let's make it a much happier ending this time!

    Kiss, kiss..... for all the rest, hello from GlennsMuse, and yes I sing, play guitar and piano, and I can compose a bit, and also record..... I love Deep Purple, and I love rock n roll!! I LOVE YOU, GLENN!! :)

  • FCinella, I am from Planet Earth. I presume you are, too. And if you meant your question to be a disrespectful one, then I immediately love and forgive you. I love and forgive everybody, even George W. Bush, because forgiveness creates miracles for me. Hell, it even enhances my sexlife, my financial income, not to mention it got me letters back from Glenn Hughes himself. And yes, in case you wanted to know, I've discovered the cure for cancer, and every other disease of mankind. Hint: the Cure for Every Ailment starts with loving either me or somebody else. By the way, loving me even though I appear crazy helps to cure impotence, poverty, and mental retardation. We are therefore a nation of sexy, intelligent, prosperous people, BECAUSE we are willing to let go of all our grudges against each other. This love of self and others is a f***ing brilliant way to end all war forever.

    Finally, I forgive you for questioning my planetary origin because I want to be richer, sexier, and have a surefire cancer cure. Think of all the people I could help, the charities I could give to, all the shopping I could accomplish!

    At least, GLENN is smart enough to know how inherently wonderful I am! Probably, you are inherently wonderful, too. I LOVE AND FORGIVE EVERYBODY ALIVE.... IT ATTRACTS LOVERS, MONEY, AND MIRACLES..... Trust Me, it f***ing works!

    Try it for yourself. Just sit down and forgive me for my fantastic tales of surfing time and space. See how your sex life, your money, your health, and your natural good looks improve.

    Did I mention that I also inspire Aerosmith and U2? A lot of people think that Bono writes just for them. Who knows, maybe he does. We're all one, so in a sense everybody's correct about Bono writing just for them.

    "We are all God, disguised as ourselves." --quote from Linda, one of Earth's Original Creators (damn I did a good job!)

    "I love myself in every possible sense--it makes me a good musician!" -- Guess Who

  • What planet are you from ???

    FCinella, I am from Planet Earth. I presume you are, too. And if you meant your question to be a disrespectful one, then I immediately love and forgive you.

    OK folks - let's all calm down and let each to their own - we're all here because of GLENN and his music - so that, we can all agree upon.

    Respect to all please, thanks :)

    David & Shirean

  • Good idea, David and Shirean.

    But why do I find myself singing:
    ...........when the moon is in the seventh house.......
    ...........and Jupiter aligns with Mars........
    ...........then peace will guide the planets.......
    ...........and love will steer the stars..........

    Peace, love, and rock and roll, GlennsMuse :rose:

  • Thank you, Admin, for saying that. I'm sure that Glenn Hughes himself would love us all to just get along already, too.

    Like my man Jesus, I am always ready to love and forgive everybody. After all, I will make world peace for food! Just think what loving and accepting people like me will do! Look at what loving me has done for Glenn's career. He's got a new album out, "Music For The Divine." Thank God we are all capable of abundantly enjoying that, yes? Trust me, there's nothing more thrilling in life than spreading love, joy, and peace worldwide..... although I put sex, rock 'n' roll, chocolate, kittens, and Foghat plus the Beatles right up there in the category of Thrill of My Life. Isn't it great that we all have an opportunity to practice our well-honed skills at loving EVERYBODY ALIVE? It's what Glenn Hughes would want.

    Anyway.... it's a time-honored cure for boredom! This can make a musician out of anybody.... or at least anybody with a great desire to play music.... and who puts in practice time and lots of love!

    Like our man, Glenn. And of course, good old lovable ME! Thank God for us who Think Outside of the Box. Because if you're INSIDE the box, all you see is cardboard and the sky. Ha, ha!!

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