Graham Bonnet-Mistreated

  • Hello all.I remember hearing that there is a recording of Graham singing Mistreated which If I am correct was at the Monsters Of Rock concert in 1979-80 at Donnigton Park.

    Can anyone confirm this and if so is there a copy floating around somewhere? :confused:


  • Well I know it was a long time ago but I was there and I don't remember him singing it at the Monsters Of Rock. They did do Stargazer though - and he made a complete *rse of it !! (But they did release it on the album of the show).
    Strange though, now you mention it I think it would have been a good one for his voice. Maybe they did it at another show somewhere?? (I did have a version by Metallica though) :eek:

  • Thanks for that.I have heard the Stargazer from Monsters....,and yes it was awful.
    I am still convinced somewhere though that Graham did it whilst in Rainbow.

  • Graham sang Mistreated at his audition for Rainbow - it was that performance that convinced RB that he was the man for the job.

    Bonnet-era Rainbow never performed it live though.


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