New Tune 4 Myspace

  • Just put another new track on myspace and Chris great rendition of "Mistreated" encouraged me to put it on here as well. Maybe some of you will like it!

  • Yep Hollow Living is a fantastic and strong rock song! it's perfect to listen to when you are driving a long road! (lol I can't drive but I think it has got that "road" spirit, at least I can imagine it sounding loud in the car on an long road trip) :D ... but also they should check the new version of Lonesome Rider, rockier than ever and the fantastic bluesy-rock Make a Change :clapper:

    At the pace you change your player with new songs people better check them soon or they will miss them!!

    Inma xoxoxo

  • Hi Achim,

    what a rocker! ... :guitarmet ... :guitarist ... another one! :cool:
    About time for the album, huh!? :)
    You let me know, when you invite the guest stars, will you? ;)

    Talk to you soon, my friend!
    Keep the creative juices flowing...


  • Thanks so much for your encouraging comments, Inma and Chris! Will do my best :D

    Time to Rock!

  • Finally in one or two months we will have high speed internet, and I will be able to hear your music, my friend. I know it's great, I have heard snippets...but can't wait to hear the whole song without the infuriating long pauses every few seconds that dial up causes one to suffer through.

    But you are one talented guy, I can hear that. I only hope you get another teaching job in the States so maybe I can meet you some day.

  • Is there anyone on here NOT a talented muso apart from me? :D

    'You thought that you could take me for granted, but I couldn't take it no more. Better run if you see me coming ... '

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