JLT Question

  • This a bit off topic, but I am trying to get a handle on all of Joe Lynn Turner's various album appearances. Meaning tribute discs, and one off's ect. Some of his odd appearances are pretty hard to find.

    If anyone has a complete or accurate list or collection of JLT material, would they get in touch with me ?

    I would appreciate it.

    Thanks, Pat psmith7305@sbcglobal.net

  • Holy mackerel - between guest sessions on tributes to AC/DC and Ozzy...and Cream...and Queen...and Van Halen...and Deep Purple...and Randy Rhoads...and Aerosmith...and Iron Maiden...and Michael Schenker, singles like the beer jingle 'Challenge Them All', his work with bands like Mother's Army, Yngwie Malmsteen & Brazen Abbot, and backing vocal work for the likes of Jimmy Barnes and Billy Joel, you'd better be prepared to crank your wallet WIDE open! It's going to be like trying to catch up with what Glenn's done :eek:

    It's kind of a double-edged sword - there's the thrill of discovery, and there's plenty out there to discover - but it can be daunting when you realize how much of what's out there you don't yet have!

    Good luck! :thumbup:


  • Agreed Todd, It can be quite daunting, however I am not so much focusing on JLT's backing vocal appearances, (of which there are many) as much as his lead vocals.

    I have virtually all of his full releases, such as Rainbow, Malmsteen, BA, Mother's Army and of course DP. Now I am seeking the odd tracks. One song here or there.

    I cannot seem to find a good list that has it all in order, so I can even know what he has done. Glenn has an excellent discography on his site, that puts it all together. Joe doesn't...

    I am very unclear about his work with Leslie West. Does he do only backing vocals, or are lead vocals on Leslie's cd's ?

    Does anyone have a good discography for JLT ?

    Thanks Pat

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