Musicians Institute - Hollywood, CA - February 15th

  • With many thanks to Michael Moore for the report and pix :thumbup:

    Acoustic GLENN opened the Musicians Institute event in Hollywood, California this past Thursday afternoon, with a blazing rendition of "Coast To Coast" followed by "Nights In White Satin".

    This was followed by a humorous but insightful interview with GLENN by MI graduate and teacher Christopher Maloney. They talked about his life and career - his lowpoints and high points and much more. As always, GLENN was warm, honest and hilarious.

    A short Q&A period followed, then Glenn finished with acoustic versions of "I Found A Woman" and "You Keep On Moving".

    Christopher said it was the only time he had seen a standing ovation at an MI event!! A Meet'n'Greet followed at which one student was over heard telling another, "You just heard Jesus Christ sing."

    The whole thing lasted about 90 minutes.

    There was no flash photography because they were filming it, so the pictures are a little dark.

    GLENN with Christopher Maloney

    GLENN live onstage acoustic


    Queue for the Meet'n'Greet

    GLENN with some of the MI students during the Meet'n'Greet

  • Great to hear, but Jesus Christ had trouble with the high notes...I'm almost old enough to have been there :lol: :D

    "if only we'd turn around and notice the door to the cell is open"

  • Good news, must have quite an experience for the students! I sooo would like to see this vocal Jesus ALIVE doing a set that includes at least some acoustic numbers. In Finland :)

    So anyways, what's going to happen to the video, any info on that? :huh:

  • GLENN's recent appearance at the Musicians Institute in LA created quite a stir, and this is what MI's Christopher Maloney - the man responsible for making it happen - had to say about it;

    :cool: :claphands

  • I Found A Woman in any language ... :bow:

    'You thought that you could take me for granted, but I couldn't take it no more. Better run if you see me coming ... '

  • Heard again from Christopher Maloney at the Musicians Institute in Hollywood with even more good things to say about GLENN :cool:

  • If I had known (I work down the road of MI) then I would've bribed myself in :( I was actually a student there in 1990.

    DAMN IT! i'm so bummed.


  • Uhhhh.......welcome to the board, lillisno1.

    Your first post here, is so unhappy :(
    (and believe me, we know where you're coming from)
    that maybe this advice might help.......

    DON'T go to the Musician's Institute and ax murder that nice guy,
    Christopher Maloney, even though he might deserve it :axe:

    Just keep checking things out here,
    for the next time that Glenn gets invited back to the Musician's Institute.

    Once the people who were there, tell the people who weren't there,
    what kind of an incredible performance Glenn put on,
    THEY WILL NOT BE BELIEVED, so GH should be invited back soon.

    Maybe you could call up an old instructor of yours, and BEG a lot,
    to be allowed to see the taped video of Glenn's interview and performance?

    In any case.........start praying for the US Tour, OK?

  • Only just seen this thread cos I've been away, but want to pay tribute to the interviewer, Christopher Maloney - a lovely fella and a good pal of mine. He's somebody who has a good sense of humour and also takes this whole music thannng very seriously whilst at the same time taking himself not very seriously at all. I like that!

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