Don't Believe A Word- Phil Lynnot, Gary Moore etc..

  • There's a far out video on you tube where Phil, gary, Don airey, Cocy Powell are playing slow version of 'don't beliave the word'.

    Better to check it out...have a very nice weekend everybody!!

  • That's from their BB2 Old Grey Whistle Test TV show, Gary promoting his Back On The Streets album.
    Note that Moore breaks a string early in the song and still manages to finish fabulously.
    Scott Gorham on guitar there too, Phil Lynott on vocals and bass guitar, Cozy Powell on drums and Don Airey on keyboards.

    That clip is available on one of the three Old Grey Whistle Test Compilation DVDs in the UK.
    They also played Back On The Streets during that session, but that clips is unfortunately not available officially, you can still find it on YouTube.

    Also note that almost the same line-up sans Lynott and Gorham, plus Jack Bruce played on Powell's 1979 Over The Top album, and the BBC has one or two of their live stints (line-ups varied and included Max Middleton and Clem Clempson replacing Moore) in their archives aswell...



  • yeah Chris, i saw this on one of the Beeb's digital channels last year. you really have to scan the listings for BBC3 and BBC4 for these OGWT and Rock Goes To College shows. they just appear!
    Watched The Eagles in concert recently from back when Hotel California had just come out i think. Alez Harvey recently too.

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