Hughes/Thrall - Hughes/Thrall (2007 Reissue)

  • Well worth the wait !! Received my copy today and just finished listening to it.

    Take the booklets advice and play it loud. It has that special "pop" and "sizzle" to it. Sounds like your listening to the band live, and you're sitting in the theatre's sweet spot.

    I heard little things here and there that I never heard before on the original release.

    The two bonus tracks are awesome.

    Come on Pat !! Let's get H/T 2 wrapped up and released !!

    Congrats to all involved on a job well done :thumbup:



  • Got back from my cruise, and the mail man had my copy of Hughes/Thrall waiting for me! The remaster sounds great, with plenty of bottom end and a nice, full sound. The album has sounded great for years, and now it sounds even better with the long overdue sonic massage treatment.

    And I agree - those bonus tracks sound amazing. I could listen to a whole album of those. They sound like finished product!


  • Received my copy yesterday - bloody hell, what a great job the Rock Candy crew did on this - it's like listening to a completely new record :thumbup:

    As Chip said, pretty much every song has unbefore heard pieces, that really spice things up. As for the bonus tracks, I'm flawed, these really are BONUS tracks! Love Don't Come Easy is such a great song and Still The Night has never sounded better.

    Can't say enough about this remaster, even the packaging is spot on - one of the best jobs I've ever seen and heard for a single disc.

    Bring on H/T 2 :cool:

  • Just bought mine yesterday.
    The remastering is very good, well worth the wait...
    "Love don't come easy" is better known as "try and take my love" from the same sessions as the heavy version of "still the night"...
    Good job !:claphands

  • ...been playing this disc to pieces since i got it

    Pat is probably right when he said it sounds a little reverb-y, but 'those were the eighties'

    Glenn's melodies are just awesome and the songs themselves are really energetic....

    how the heck did he come up with the idea to sing *the* in Where did *the* time go in a higher key for example...the disc is full of surprises like that..

  • Well, anyone who knows me from the Fan Club days knows that I think HT is the greatest single piece of work that Glenn has been involved with. It's probably one of my 2 fave albums of all time (the other is Bridge Of Sighs by Robin Trower).

    The new mix of HT adds sparkle to an album that was at the time light years ahead of others in terms of overall production and sound quality. The songs have stood the test of time and more, it sounds as fresh today, 25 years on, as it did in '82.

    The bonus tracks are the, erm, bonus! Love Dont Come Easy contains one of the best bass lines I've ever heard from Hughsie during the chorus, whilst the slowed down original version of Still The Night has to be one of the heaviest things I've heard in years and knocks the Phenomena version into a cocked hat.

    Whilst I still see Glenn and love the stuff he's doing now, Soul Mover and M4TD, I have to say that my own personal view is that he's never topped this.

    He's recently said that PT is the best guitarist he's ever played with and that HT is tha album all of his musician pals still rave about.

    No wonder, out of a five star rating I give it 10 everytime. Absolutely brilliant!

  • Ok I complained about the sound on the other board after listening in the car. But listening through headphones and popping back and forth between CD drives one featuring the old CD, it's clear what an improvement the new CD is. I need to upgrade my car system, because it's not doing CD's justice.


  • Where did you guys get the remastered version? I've been looking for it like over a year and I've never seen it - until I came up here now I thought it must've never been released!!!!


    ***UHHHH- never mind! I just found it on Amazon! Got it on order now!!!!!!!

  • I 've bought the remastered cd a few months before at . When I first heard it I was overwhelmed by the new version of " Still the night " . The remastering of the 9 songs from the original record is good . The artwork of the booklet is fantastic !!! :) :)

    I know that I've been sometimes wrong
    I feel my faith is growing strong
    There is a place that I belong
    These are the days of avalon


  • The new mix is frakkin' incredible. Always loved Muscle and Blood to a certain degree. And now the song sounds better than ever. H/T really is a crowning achievement in Glenn's career and I still wait with baited breath to see what's in store for H/T 2.

    I recently listened to two demos from the H/T sessions with Searching Love and It's Not Too Late. Any reasons why those songs never made the remaster?

  • This one made my latest vegas car trip..had to shake things up a bit after trip after trip with Spectrum and Bolin tribute... just fabulous!! I even like the new songs now, which didn't do much for me when I got this. With all apologies...I just keep getting off on the rock...not the funk.

  • I bought 'Hughes/Thrall' while working in the Sears record dept back in 1982. I was totally into Pat Travers for years, so when I heard Thrall was on this disc, I had to have it. I remember bringing it back to the store, and cranking it up so all the customers could hear 'Got your number'. I played it endlessly, and loved every track. It's truly a desert island album, and my favorite lp of Glenn's, and probably a tie with Thrall's first 'Automatic man' lp. I eventually learned every song on guitar and did cover of 'got your number', 'coast to coast', 'Hold out your life', 'Who will you run to' (doing this in an acoustic duo right now with my wife).

    I'll post a live version I did of 'I got your number' with a female singer from a few years back. It has a full band on it.

    The remaster is great, and the two new song fit right in. I still have the original lp but I admit that the remaster sounds slightly better.

  • I got this Rock Candy reissue when it first was released and, I guess, I never got around to opine on it. The new mix is exquisite and powerful, not that the original was weak or anything to be ashamed of. I typically hate remixes and almost always go back to the original (I may never listen to the remixed DP 'Burn' or Wishbone Ash 'Argus' reissues again). But this CD blows the original away. The bonus tracks fit in real nice and the booklet is great too. This is one of those rare forgotten albums that really lives up to the mystique.

  • Great job on the remaster. This music is powerful and in your face, more than ever now! I love Pat Thrall as a guitarist. Nice combo, Glenn and Pat. Wish there was more to enjoy but that the way it goes....

  • I was reading the sleeve notes to the Rock Candy edition of H/T.

    Pat Thrall said the master tapes were lost.

    Pat wishes he could have remixed the album to and lose the 80's reverb wash.

    The still unreleased tracks that are still up online, deserve a sonic upgrade and packaged in a Hughes/Thrall boxset.

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