Good Luck to Chad and the Boys!

  • i hope chad doesnt take this wrong but i thought he was kidding when he wrote on here awhile back he was on the dixie chicks album -but i have to say he sounded great playing with them even though i really dont like country music - myself i have really come to enjoy his playing :clapper: him and glenn playing together on sm and mftd is like jimmy page and john bonham to me

  • I can't stand John Mayer....I 'dunno, he just comes off to me as trying too hard to sound like his heroes (I assume) - of course, that's not a bad thing - but I just prefer hearing the originals such as SRV, Clapton, Beck etc, whoever he's trying to sound like at a particular point in time, even his vocals are remincisent of others and I simply hear no originality in his style. It just rubs me up the wrong way :) :rolleyes:

    David- you may be right- As I said this was the first time I had seen him...maybe it's just that Strat that I like so much! The tone was sweet! And it looked broke in- just right! I am a big fan of Doyle Bramghall II- and he kind of reminded me of him- and of course Doyle has the same strong influences as you mentioned, the only difference being Doyle actually knew/knows and has played with those guys, I don't know about John... I'll still give him an ear- and I may end up agreeing with you.

    Conchita67- I'm not happy with how the Bush era has gone either. Not happy with some of the decision making or the media's influence over what has appeared to take place. All we can do is hope that the next President is successful in initiating a real fix for some of these problems.

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