Prince at the Super Bowl

  • Don't forget the performance on the Press Conference. It's as good as the Halftime Show.

    Have fun with it,


  • Seems like everyone enjoyed Prince...So let me be the first negative vote on Prince. I never liked him to start with, and the halftime did nothing to change that view, and the Aunt Jemima costume was not only ugly but rude !! I find him to be a hideous little troll who needs to take his ego and shove it somewhere that it does not return for years to come :mad: :mad: :mad:

    "if only we'd turn around and notice the door to the cell is open"

  • What an AWESOME guitar player he is... Imagine him in Glenn's band. Glenn would get some competition in the energy department for sure :)

    Such a huge talent and it's very obvious when looking at the press conference clip in particular.

  • Hey wait a minute... I really love Prince and I dig his latest album 3121 very much... but this is Prince reinventing Jimi isn't it? Some of the guitarposes and much of his facial expression is Hendrix. Johnny B. Goode from the press conference had some moves that where copied from Jimi's version at Berkeley in May 1970. Although generally I don't like medleys, this was fun to watch. A big publicity stunt but hey, this man is a legend.

    Fedor (still waiting to see his first Prince gig)

  • I love Prince, he is one of those genuine geniuses IMO. I must admit I was laughing heartily when his shadow was blown up onto the white sheet, there were some amusing poses with his guitar that made me chuckle...

  • Hey, I'm a Prince fan as well. I think he rocked the halftime show.But, then again he always rocks it!

    As for the few who had negative things to say,We all are entitled to our opinions however, What celebrities, athletes, artists, etc. that you know who does not have an ego whether big or small?Prince has always been that way,at least since I've been a fan and that's been since the early 80's.The man is simply a genious!Not too many people who have been in the business as long as he has can go away for a while and come back with a hit album.

    Most artist from that time became stuck in that time.Some how they either could not or chose not to reinvent them selves.Look at Madonna, The queen of reinventing your self.Do you think she would have the props she have today if she stayed stuck in the 80's mode?If I had the talent that Prince has, I would have an ego too! He is one artist for sure who can do a rendition of Hendrix and pull it off.I'm sure Hendrix is one of his influences.I don't know why he did not want to play him in the Hendrix movie they were making back in the 80's.

    Prince is a funky,soulful,r&b,bluesy rock comodity.Say what you will but the man has been around a long time and will be around even longer.I'm sure there are people eager to play with him.But, he only chooses a small number if any.He's quirky,handsome,sexy and private.Prince his royal bad ass!
    :claphands :claphands :claphands

  • Lastly, when "his royal call me symbol" announced the opening of his Vegas club and he would be playing a show, he specified on the tickets and billboards that he "does not announce what time he will appear, only the time doors will open". For $125.00 to $500.00 a crack, i want to know when the little Prince is going to do his pixie dances.

    Final word on Prince...never liked him, never will and I'd just like to see him go away.

    "if only we'd turn around and notice the door to the cell is open"

  • I'm not the world's biggest Prince fan, but I will acknowledge his amazing talent and say that I find something of interest on every one of the albums of his that I've heard. I've only seen him once in concert, on the 'Musicology' tour, and he was great. I'm always floored when I see him play guitar, and the one thing I would love for him to do is a guitar-heavy album that fuses R&B, blues and Hendrix. I think that would be spectacular.


  • Frank & Chuck....I respect your opinions on Prince, but can I ask you this? Have you ever seen him live? I'm not talking a Super Bowl half-time show, but a full-blown concert? The Man NEVER dissapoints his fans live, he pulls out all the stops and gives an incredible show everytime. I can't say that for many of the artists this board emulates. He also fought a righteous battle with Warner Bros. Records for a very long time over artistic control and record companies ripping off the public with high prices. Most artists out there don't have the balls to take the record companies on and WIN!!, and lose all the money in record sales he could have generated.... over compromising his principals. That's not a troll...That's a MAN! I've uploaded a file from my collection that all of you who are in to vicious Funk-Rock ala GH will appreciate.



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