RHCP in Orlando 2007

  • Last night, went to see the Red Hot Chili Peppers here in Orlando - the place looked sold out to me! Bumped into Kat prior to the show and had a short but enjoyable chat, despite the cold (yes, it's actually cold here)! Also ran into a friend of ours from Japan, Yoshi and family, who also lives here in Florida. Turns out we were sat right next to each other!

    The Peppers were most impressive, actually it was more like the Chad and John show :D Anthony Kiedis was only on stage about 60% of the time and as good as Flea is, he was overshadowed by the powerhouses that are Chad Smith and John Frusciante. With the singer off stage, the 3 of them must of played 5 or 6 extended jams, that for me, were the highlights of the night.

    Frusciante is one hell of a guitar player, and so much better live, than on record, and as for Chad, well, he floors me everytime.

    Chad has lost a lot of weight since the last time I saw him last Summer in Italy - he looks really fit - a year on the road playing like that, is one hell of a way to diet :p

    The setlist was mostly comprised of recent songs from 'Stadium Arcadium', but the "greatest hits" were there too.

    See below some low grade pix from the mobile camera - the light show was very cool.

    It was a great night and one I'll remember for quite sometime. Be sure and catch them if you can :thumbup:

  • Glad you had such a great time David....but with the RHCP you can expect no less. I saw them twice last year and I am looking forward to seeing them again this year.

    I know exactly what you mean by the jams. They are my most anticipated moments of the gig (along with John's solo) cause you never know what they are going to be like.

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  • Glad you enjoyed the concert :thumbup: Seen them twice now in Sheffield and Manchester, and if the rumour's are true they're coming back to the UK this summer ! Keeping my fingers crossed ;) !

  • The show was really good!

    I loved the opening band Gnarls Barkley - their energy on stage was amazing.

    As David mentioned, The Chili Peppers had a lot of great jams, really a highlight of seeing a band live. My only complaint would be they don't "work" much of the stage., most of their time is spent in the middle and front - they miss the whole crowd off to the sides (any guess where I sat LOL!).

    I did get some shots - of course mostly side views LOL!

    Here's a shot of Chad's best side hehehehe

    Here's a link to the rest of the pictures:


  • They are supposed to be brilliant on stage but never got to see them :( I think they came to the uk this year or last year and played at the madeski stadium where my dads favourite team reading play football!, but we didnt in the end because tickets where so expensive :mad: But we will hopefully try again this year :thumbup:

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