• Wow - what a gig!

    Uli's onstage first doing a speech about the origins of the concert, and then it's straight into Frank Marino. Yes, it's undisputed guitar-wank. Yes, he thinks he's Jimi Hendrix. But it's done so unpretentiously that it's hard to dislike Frank. I've got a great seat (row 2 centre), but the entertainment value for most of Frank's spot is watching the guy in front of me who is obviously Frank's number one fan. He jumps about like a mad thing, doing the most ludicrous air guitar you've ever seen, punching the air, and staring at Frank's fingers. He knows Frank's every move in advance.

    Next Uli opens with Sky Overture and continues with Summer and Winter from Four Seasons. Good as he was, I got the feeling he was just warming up. There were a few bum notes here and there, but generally he was pretty good. I take Mike McRock's point in his review of the Wolverhampton show - a few harder hitting numbers would have been good. There were a few calls for Starlight (myself included) towards the end of Uli's set, but he says they can't do it tonight because they don't have a singer. "But you've got the greatest singer in the world on stage with you tonight" I thought. To me this was an opportunity missed. Starlight's a superb, wonderfully emotional song and it would have fitted Glenn like a glove - oh well.

    A short interval and then Glenn and band hit the stage. Well, he was undoubtedly the star of the show. He got the crowd going like no one else on the bill, and was absolutely magnificent. I would echo other's opinions here and say without reservation he is the greatest singer I have ever seen live. His version of Mistreated is awesome - best ever.

    Wish he'd got a longer spot and could have done some solo stuff, but the Purple songs hit the spot and the crowd go bananas for Burn. Glenn's obviously really loving it up there and I've never seen or heard him play the bass so manicly! For me, the sound deteriorated towards the end of Glenn's set and Burn suffers a bit due to this.

    Next it's the "Spirit of Cream" with Bruce/Roth/Bunker, and I didn't envy them having to follow Glenn's storming set. I'm not a particular fan of Cream, but they were very good. Uli tailored his sound to emulate Clapton's and he did a great job - he also had the coolest headgear you've ever seen! Jack Bruce has some amusing banter with the audience and seems to be really enjoying himself.

    Frank Marino returns to play Voodoo Child and then Uli joins him for All Along The Watchtower to close the main set. Apart from when Glenn was on stage, this was the best moment of the show for me. Fantastic version - great performance from both Uli and Frank.

    Uli, JJ Marsh and Jack Bruce return for Eleanor Rigby. Strange choice of song, undoubtedly a classic but didn't really fit in with the rest of the set. Then Jack introduces "his favourite rock 'n' roll singer" and Glenn comes back on to help with I Feel Free. Lastly it's Glenn singing Whiter Shade Of Pale and he nails it with an outstanding vocal performance. Steals the show yet again.

    I hung about for the signing afterwards and managed to get my stuff signed by Uli, JJ and Glenn. Had a quick chat (and a photo) with Glenn and he said he noticed me enjoying myself at the front! I asked him whether he would be bringing HTP to Scotland next time and he says that his management are currently trying to book a solo UK tour for April, hopefully playing both Edinburgh and Glasgow. Really nice guy, calls everyone "brother"!

    I got plenty of pretty good digital photos as I was in such a prime position. If anyone wants a copy let me know.

  • Hey Artimius!

    Thanks for the review and great shots!
    One thing I'd like to mention though- Frank does NOT think he is Jimi Hendrix. He has spent 28 years trying to clear this kind of thing(comments/ statements) up. No doubt, his largest influence in musical style, and a true love and respect for Hendrix. But truth be known... He was limited to what he could play- along with a new band on such short notice. And once again he had to succumb to playing what the people wanted to hear and what he is known for back in the 70's just as Glenn did...but it worked didn't it?
    Thanks again for your great post-


    PS Got any more of those great pics to share with us?

  • The Marino/Hendrix thing was said tongue in cheek. Sorry if it didn't come out that way in the text. Maybe should have include a smiley :)

    As far as the photos go, those two are the best (the one of JJ's particularly good I think). On request, I have emailed some directly to David and Shirean and they're going to include them in the live photos section.

    Just realised that I may have caused some confusion. I'm a regular poster over at The Highway Star forums and posted the same review there (minus pics).

    There's a reference to a Wolverhampton review in my posting. Anyone interested can find that review over at THS (along with other equally great reviews of Glenn's performances).


  • I was fortunate to be at the gig and agree with virtually all that john has written.

    Glenn was AWESOME both bass palying wise n his voice was the best I have ever heard. Whiter Shade of Pale was truely a spine tingling moment.

    I do feel, however, that Glenn was alittle out of place on the bill. A more Voices of Classic Rock type bill would have been better.

    Definitely he is the star of the show and everyone at Edinburgh was there to see him.

    Roll on next year when Glenn hopes to return. I shall be there (but not standing behind John !!!!!! :)

    Chris Spencer

  • Not stand behind me? Why not?? :eek:

    I agree that Glenn's set didn't quite fit with the rest of the bill, but personally speaking if he hadn't been there I would probably have come away thinking that the concert was okay, but not great. If Mr Schenker had managed to make it, then the bill would definitely have been better balanced. The guys that were with me (none of whom were particular Hughes fans before) were getting very bored until Glenn's appearance.



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