Pete MacKie & Trapeze

  • I remember this very topic coming up when Mel Galley did the chat here with us and, judging from the dates, it was after Michael's last comment. Chris Charlesworth write in the liner notes of the weighty and now deleted Deep Purple box set "Listen Learn Read On"that Pete Mackie was joining Trapeze to make them a quartet and even listing his debut performance as being March 31st 1973 at the Ilkeston Regency..right around the time of the BBC session with John Ogden guesting on congas. Pete Frame also name checks Pete Mackie in the Deep Purple Family Tree...look hard and you will find it!

    When I brought up Pete Mackie's tenure in the chat, Mel Galley stated most emphatically that Pete Mackie never shared a stage with Trapeze. And if anyone would know for sure, it would have been Mel.

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  • I found a connection to Pete Goalby: they both were in the band "Fable" in 1973 with its s/t album on Magnet Records. Maybe this how come about Trapeze and Mackie in '73 on Bass and Goalby in '78 on vocals and 2nd guitar.

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