TB funeral

  • Was Glenn one of the pallbearers..

    Yes - here's Glenn from CTC issue No. 28...


    "The nicest, most childlike person I ever met. A beautiful and very funny guy. He lived at my house for a while, and there was talk of us forming a band after his PRIVATE EYES record, but it never happened. With COME TASTE THE BAND, we started to take Purple someplace else, and knowing and working with the guy was a joy. When he passed away (from a heroin overdose), the disease was still so large in me that I couldn't stop my own drug addiction.

    I was a pallbearer at his funeral, and I still couldn't see it.

    "But everyday since his death, I speak to him. I pray and talk to him, and I know he's very happy now that I've overcome my own problem."

    Also of interest on that sad trip to Sioux City, taken from CTC issue No. 54...


    Do you still own that Precision Bass that you played on California Jam?

    Glenn Hughes: No, that bass got stolen on the way to Tommy's funeral in Chicago O'Hare airport.

  • I was going to bring up the fact about Glenn's bass being stolen...and in the booklet for From The Archives Vol. 1 there is a picture taken at the funeral....the pallbearers are carrying Tommy's casket from the church...I can't make out Glenn in that pic but I know from that picture that two of the pallbearers were Max Carl and Jimmy Haslip.....Joe Walsh recalls being there as well.

    A sad day indeed.....and the cold only must have intensified the emotions of everyone there.....

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    Bill "Capt. Midnite" Redford



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