GH, Jon Lord & 'This Time Around'

  • I would love to know just how viable is the possibility of GH and Jon Lord collaborating again, especially to revisit ‘This Time Around’? I know Glenn mentioned it not too long ago in an interview.

  • Maybe its just me, I dunno! Over many years of listening to countless artists covering a plethora of styles, no one song has ever been sung that comes remotely close to sending a shiver down the old spine like this one. If I heard it for the first time today I would'nt believe for a second this was recorded in the mid-seventies especially by an artist in the grip of substance addiction!
    I would love to hear how GH and JL would approach this song in 2007! I live in hope!

  • It would actually be great to hear him do this live and then to kick in with "Ode" at the end just like on CTTB.

    Mr Lord has done some very emotional stuff - im thinking of Wait a While (with Sam Brown) - that Glenn and a string arrangment would suit. Especially after his M4TD strings. Tho the way Glenn is writing and performing these days he could collaborate with anyone and it would turn out great.

    :ghcp: "It's in my blood"

  • I think it more likely to be a collaboration on new material from either of them, vs. revisiting something from the past. As Glenn has said, it's not out of the question some day, as they're very much on friendly terms and recently reacquainted.

    Jon's interviews in the last few years have been pretty negative about Mk3 / 4, and he seemed to me to be the ex-Purple member with the most unresolved issues with Glenn?


  • It would be great if the two of them got together!

    But we still don't know if Jon is up for it?

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