• The 70's style writing and pic of Glenn are awesome. I would love to get one of those in an XLarge size. Can anyone help??

  • Would like to help you out...but I just got back to Ireland last night...could only make a couple of the shows, I'm sure they'll be someone out there who can help - trade anyone ;)

  • All,

    I actually got the GH 76 Tshirt at Wolverhampton, but it's only when Karen and I were giving Glenn a lift back to his parent's house after the gig that he told us that there was another Tshirt there with a picture for his Trapeze days on the front and 73 on the back (in both cases 76 and 73 refer to the years the pics were taken).

    So I had a look at Manchester on Monday and, yep, there they were, so I got one of those too and they're cool as well !! Unfortunately I haven't got a pic I can post yet, maybe someone else can post one.


  • ...to the legends site. But I would gladly pay someone to get me a copy of this shirt. Or- I can offer in trade a new copy of the Jeff Scott Soto cd PRISM signed personally to you by Jeff himself. Please let me know.

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