Happy Birthday Chris Spencer!

  • Hi All

    Thanks for the greetings on my 45th birthday!!

    Just got inf rom a soaking on a wet golf clourse!!!

    Moving back to Scotland next month to take up a new position as Managing Secretary of North Berwick Golf Club - the 13th oldest inthe world!!!!, so hope Glenn tours Scotland on M4TD part 2!

    Just seen REO Speedwagon are touring - FAB!!! I saw em in Manchester on Wheels Are Turnin tour in the 80's and they were fabulous!!1 A great Rock band - just like Styx now are!!!

    Wolfy - look forward to that drink at some point!!!

    Chris :thumbup: :thumbup: :thumbup:

  • Chris Spencer - that name does ring a bell! :p

    Hope it was a good one, matey ... only 45? A mere pup! :lol:

    Seems aeons ago when you were moving 'down 'ere' ... nice one with the new job. And 13th oldest in the world? That's the club, right? :D

    To a great, great friend. x


    'You thought that you could take me for granted, but I couldn't take it no more. Better run if you see me coming ... '

  • Sorry I'm so late with this, Chris,
    but you know that I wish you all the best on your birthday / anyday.

    45, huh? :birthday3

    Not to worry.......you're not quite old enough just yet,
    for the lovely "Senior Moments Retirement Village" ;)

    Remember that that Scottish lass, Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother,
    lived to be 101, because every day.........before she ate her shortbread cookies (biscuits)
    she dunked them first in Drambuie. Just stay away from that EVIL haggis, and you'll do all right.


  • Thanks Grace

    Shortbread production will soon be restarting, but with some seas breeze and sea salt added as I will be on the east coast of scotland!!!! :D

  • Shortbread production will soon be restarting,

    :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
    I forgot about your REAL job in Scotland.
    (Don't believe any of the "golf manager" stories from Chris.)
    He's actually the guy who puts the little pin hole patterns in the shortbread cookies.


    but with some seas breeze and sea salt added
    as I will be on the east coast of scotland!!!! :D

    Hey..........now that you have a family to support.............
    If Atlantic City, New Jersey, can do it - so can you;
    How about?


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