The Making of Heaven & Earth DVD

  • Only took them 9 years to release it :eek:


    Black Star Records in conjunction with executive producers Dan Pavlik and Dave Honaker are proud to announce the official release of the "Making of Heaven & Earth" DVD.

    The "Making of Heaven & Earth" DVD will include interviews, previously unseen live and studio footage, both acoustic and electric, featuring: Stuart Smith & Richie Onori (Heaven & Earth), Keith Emerson (E.L.P.), Richie Sambora (Bon Jovi), Bobby Kimball (Toto), Joe Lynn Turner (Rainbow), Glenn Hughes (Deep Purple), Kelly Hansen (Foreigner), Jay Schellen (Hurricane/Asia), Carmine Appice (Rod Stewart/Jeff Beck/Vanilla Fudge) and many others.

    The DVD features over 4 hours of footage including an in depth breakdown of the writing and recording of each song as well as Live Shows, Production & Equipment Info, Stories & Shenanigans, Bloopers, Photo Gallery as well as many other features.

  • OMG :eek: ...What were they thinking when they put this extremely CHEEEESY promotional video trailer together :lol: ... Too bad it doesn't show more GH, his performance on STMGIKC, is the highlight of the album, and one of Glenn's best vocal performances ever :bow: ....IMHO

  • Hi all

    Have I missed something but is there really going to be a huge demand for this? :huh:
    It certainly isn't a band/concept that I wanted to pursue after buying the CD for Glenn's contribution (don't think I've played it since!) - my loss, perhaps!


  • I love the voice-over! ;) :lol: :lol: :lol:
    Reminds me of those Car Wars videotapes where they showed hours of (non-fatal) motorsports accidents.... :eek: :huh: :huh: The thrills and spills and..... Whatever that was good for!?

    Will buy it anyway... :rolleyes:


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