• Hi everyone,Firstly I want to thank all of you who have sent messages to me this last week. We are all okay and we really appreciate all your kind thoughts.We spent Christmas Eve with Chad, Nancy &a...


  • A really stupid way for you to spend Christmas Eve, Glenn :eek:

    You and soulmover should have realized that on Christmas Eve,
    Santa is travelling around the world, delivering toys to good boys and girls.
    (Ask Cole; he knows that this is true.)
    Santa then relaxes on Christmas Day.
    Santa doesn't play golf until........AFTER CHRISTMAS DAY.

    And imagine the damage to both of your careers,
    if the newspaper headlines had said:

    2 Laughing Fools In Golf Cart Collide With Santa's Sled
    Rudolph Injured - Sled Damaged - Fans Of Santa Outraged
    Sales of Glenn Hughes & Red Hot Chili Peppers CDs Plummet

    :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

    PS......Thanks for the New Year's message!
    Take good care of yourself, and the people (and pooches) who care about you.



  • :lol: :lol: :lol: I cant belive you where looking for santa! :eek: How old are you? :lol: Well i hope you have a great new year!!! xkelzangelxx

  • Happy New Year, Glenn, Gabi and my friends!

    Glenn, I am glad you did not try to make some money back in Vegas but rather enjoyed beautiful weather in Malibu on Christmas holidays ;)

    I wish Japan was one of the “many countries”, you mentioned :)

    Hope to see you soon.

    Kanpai (with a non-alcoholic drink)! :D


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