Sickening news for Glenn

  • It was horrible news to hear what happened. Such people in this world really overshadow the good, what a shame. Glad to see Glenn, Gabi and the kids are all fine, at least there is some comfort in that. What happened to the ashes is just beyond comprehension, even morons like that should hold something dear, but apparently not, how very sad for them that their lives are such garbage.

    I do hope some of the stuff shows up on Ebay or someplace similar, it would be just the stupid thing these idiots would do and it will lead to their downfall, so hopefully Glenn can get his irreplacables back. Peace of mind will take longer.

  • Im soooooooo sorry for what has happened Glenn and Gabi!I cant belive someone could do that so close to christmas!!!My thoughts are with you both! :) I hope you both have a great christmas recovering from what has happened!!I hope everything is replaced safely but im sorry to hear somethings are not replacible! :( ! xxkelzangelxx

  • Glenn and Gabi......sorry to hear the bad news,but as they say it could have been worse,as an animal lover myself I sympathize with ya"ll over the urns....glad to hear no one was injured including the animals.....

    peace and love,try to have a good Holiday... Larry in Texas

  • Really sorry to hear about Glenn and Gabi.....and what a terrible time of year to do it too. Especially when i heared about the kids. I am just really glad to hear that Glenn and Gabi are safe. Hope they have a great christmas, even after what has happened.
    Merry Christmas to your both ;)

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    P.S Glenn - maybe it may make sense to post on here some of the unique things that went in the burglary, so we can all be vigilant in our search for the items and hopefully their return?


    Brilliant idea Steve. I do think DP memorabilia will make its way to the UK so we can keep our eyes on the PC and our ears to the ground, so to speak.

    Only ever happened to me once Glenn and that was more than enough. You're all safe, that's the most important thing. xx

    'You thought that you could take me for granted, but I couldn't take it no more. Better run if you see me coming ... '

  • Glenn & Gabi,

    I'm sorry to hear about this. Breaking into one's home is in itself a shameless thing to do and the impudence shown by these particular persons is just despicable. I hope they will be caught & brought to justice soon and all your obviously very personal belongings will be returned. Take care of yourselves & your feelings about this now.

    "It's not what you say, it's the feeling that's the song"

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