Best albums you've heard this year?

  • This needs to include stuff you've heard this year not just new releases. If you are like me then you will be buying back catalog stuff by people you are still discovering.

    Here's my 10 favourites i got this year in no particular order:

    Glenn - M4TD.
    Edwin Dare - My Time to Die.
    Shawn Smith - Let it all begin.
    Brad - Shame.
    Brad - Welcome to Discovery Park
    Keith Caputo - Died Laughing
    Tommy Bolin - Whips and Roses I
    Rainbow - Live Munich 1977
    Keane - Under the Iron Sea
    JJ Marsh - Music from Planet Marsh

    Bonus Boot:

    Trapeze - Live at Queens College NY 1971

    Plus one other rarity which will be appearing on Mel's myspace site in January ;)
    AWESOME :bouncer: :thumbup: :bouncer: :thumbup: :bouncer: :thumbup:

    Best music dvds

    Rainbow - Live in Munich 1977.
    Journey - Live in Houston 1981
    Rainbow - Final Cut/Live Between the Eyes.

    There is probably a whole load of others i missed out but these are the ones that i played a lot and kept going back to for another listen. Edwin Dare has been playing in my car for the last 3 weeks.

    I think Monkey Man is gonna be my favourite from M4TD but its just so damn hard to choose cos You Got Soul, Valiant Denial & Steppin On are all killer tracks.

    :ghcp: "It's in my blood"

  • For us the best albums have been Glenn Hughes albums we had never heard; did not know existed. It's been quite a ride, and is the music we listen to as a family that we all love. Susan and I never argue about what CDs to listen to now! LOL. I have Chip to thank for steering me right, and also Shirl and Grace.
    Glenn Hughes is the best and most extraordinary talent that I've ever heard. I can't wait to meet him and tell him so. His music made a very positive change in my life.

    For non-GH music, my friend Tomo Fujita's "Live in Japan" and "Put on Your FunK Face" have been eye-opening for me as a guitar player. This guy can flat out play jazz and very incredible blues, as well as is the best funk guitar player I've ever heard. He has sent me lessons and DVDs, and is a very giving and incredibly talented player. He is a teacher at Berkeley, if anyone is interested do a google on him and listen to some of his sound clips it is well worth it. He's awesome.

    I have also enjoyed JJ's CD, and appreciated his kindness and accessibility, and tips on Marshalls. What a great guy!! I look forward to seeing what he's cooking up.

    And boy, Paul, I appreciate you so much telling Mel the way I felt, and I look forward to hearing his music on the My Space site as soon as we go into the 21st century with high speed this coming year.

  • Just following up with what Roger said...getting connected with GH music has been awesome for us. I love all the albums, but I am quite addicted to M4TD, Feel and BTM.

    For those interested in checking out Tomo, his site is: I also am very impressed with his style. Very cool guy, too!

  • Hands down it's Toto's Falling In Between. That was the best concert of the year as well. I still pull out the album and get blown away by it every time. It's the only album I've ever bought that I had on endless replay without replacing it in the CD player. It's not the greatest album of all time like Toto, but I also enjoy Whitesnake's Restless Heart a lot. I finally just got the Japan version off of EBay, having downloaded the album before. Which, thinking about it, I should have just bought it new , since I'll blow hundreds and thousands on stupid trips so what's 40 bucks for a CD I'm going to play over and over again? The Japan tracks on this are very good and you get three of them so it's worth it. I love putting this CD on the way to gigs as Coverdale's singing in a lower pitch so I can get warmed up before the gig.


  • In no particular order:

    Diesel-Coathanger antennae
    Glenn Hughes-Music for the divine
    Jeff Martin-Exile and the kingdom
    Muse-Black holes and revelations
    Peeping Tom
    Porcupine Tree-Arriving somewhere...(Live DVD)
    RHCP-Stadium arcadium
    Tool-10000 days
    Toto-Falling in between

  • Toto - Falling in Between


    Talisman - 7

    Zombi - Surface to Air

    New York Dolls - One Day It Will Please Us to Remember Even This

    Glenn Hughes - Music for the Divine

    Gary Moore - Old New Ballads Blues

    The Who - Endless Wire


  • The best albums I heard this year so far are ;

    Glenn Hughes - Music For The Divine
    Prince - 3121
    Red Hot Chili Peppers- Stadium Arcadium


  • Here is my top 7 albums of 2006:

    1. Cactus: V
    2. The Lizards: Against all Odds
    3. Budgie: You're all Living in Cockooland
    4. Glenn Hughes: Music for the Divine
    5: Jorn: The Duke
    6: The Answer: Rise
    7. Wolfmother: Wolfmother

    enjoy it
    I very recommended the new Budgie album and the new band The Answer (very good & young music)


  • Favourite albums :

    Glenn Hughes : M4TD + Soul mover + SITKOR
    All the Whitesnake stuff but especially the new "Live in the shadow of the blues" (I'm addicted to the new studio track "If you want me"...). I attended the Munich acoustic set and signing session...and I'm still in a state of shock !!!
    DP : MKIII & IV (especially Come taste the band :bow: )
    The Answer : Rise

    Favourite DVDs :
    Whitesnake live in the still of the night
    DC Starkers in Tokyo
    DC Acoustic set Stockholm 02/12/06 (home made DVD...)
    DP California Jam
    Rainbow Munich 77
    Dio Holy diver live
    + I'm desperately seaking for Glenn's Soulfully live DVD...

    My concerts of the year :
    Glenn Hughes in Dudley :clapper:
    Whitesnake in Toulouse, Birmingham and Munich
    Dio in Copenhagen
    The Who in Monte Carlo
    DP in Monte Carlo and Nice
    The Rolling Stones in Nice



  • My picks for this years new cd's are:

    Glenn Hughes - Music For The Divine

    The Who - Endless Wire

    RHCP's - Stadium Arcadium

    Level 42 - Retroglide

    Kings X - Ogre Tones

    For old Cd's I started playing in Heavy Rotation:

    Automatic Man - Automatic Man

    Tall Stories - Tall Stories

    Rush - Power Windows

    Streetwalkers - Red Card

    Andy Fraser - Andy Fraser Band

    Trapeze - You Are The Music.....

    Pat Travers - Makin' Magic

    ..........ho,ho,ho....and a merry christmas music lovers ;)


    Let's Kick It With A Tasty Groove :guitarmet

  • My fave albums of the year are:

    Jorn Lande - The Duke :claphands
    Sunstorm - (JLT)
    Paul Stanley - Live to Win
    Glenn Hughes - M4THD (ofcourse...) :claphands
    Giuntini Project - III (Tony Martin)

    Disappointment of the year: JJ leaving the band :(

    Where are they now????: Mark Boals :confused:

    2007: the year of: HEAVEN AND HELLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :bow:

  • Some of my favourites:

    Jon Auer - Songs From The Year Of Our Demise
    Richard Lloyd - Field Of Fire (2CD reissue)
    Frank Zappa - Trance Fusion
    Crowded House - Farewell To The World
    Mike Keneally Band - Guitar Therapy Live
    Deep Purple - Rapture Of The Deep
    Ian Gillan - Gillan's Inn

  • Here we go.....

    I buy and I listen to so much music that it's almost impossible to mention everything. Also, I still buy a lot of old Vinyl. In total there must have been around 200-300 additions to my collection. And then I listen to and I permanently rediscover groups, albums and songs in my collection, some of which I haven't listened to in years.

    I try to put most of the stuff I listen to, old and new, in my signature here on the site which I change regularly, but I really don't have enough time to change it every time I put on another album/song - honestly I even can't remember correctly everything I have listened to today..... :confused: :huh:

    Except for Blues, which I can't remember having listened to this year (will put it on later, that's for sure...) I have listened to every one of Glenn's Solo albums - I can narrow that down to just this one.
    From HTP II, I have only listened to "Losing My Head" and I'm not sure whether I have listened to the first HTP album or the Live CD. Probably not.

    Anyway, here are (hopefully most of) the New Releases 2006 I have listened to:

    Arctic Monkeys – Whatever People Say I Am, That’s What I’m Not

    Audioslave – Revelations

    The Beatles – Love

    The Beautiful South – Superbi

    Belle and Sebastian – The Life Pursuit

    James Dean Bradfield – The Great Western

    Brighteye Brison – Stories

    Johnny Cash – American V: A Hundred Highways

    Console – Mono

    Embrace – This New Day

    Flaming Lips – At War With The Mystics

    The Flower Kings – Paradox Hotel

    Frost – Midtown

    Glenn Hughes – Music For The Divine

    Billy Idol – Happy Holidays

    The Infadels – We Are Not The Infadels

    Billy Joel – 12 Gardens Live

    Junior Boys – So This Is Goodbye

    Keane – Under The Iron Sea

    The Lizards – Against All Odds

    JJ Marsh – Music From Planet Marsh

    Moonstone Project - Time ToTake A Stand

    Gary Moore - Old New Ballads Blues

    Neal Morse – Cover To Cover

    Muse – Black Holes & Revelations

    Nouvelle Vague – Bande A Part

    Peeping Tom – s/t

    Phenomena – Psycho Fantasy

    Red Hot Chili Peppers – Stadium Arcadium

    Sparks – Hello Young Lovers

    Strokes – First Impressions Of Earth

    Swedish Family – Vintage Prog

    John Wetton / Geoff Downes – Icon II: Rubicon

    The Who – Wire & Glass

    and only a couple of the 2006 Reissues I have listened to:

    Jon Anderson – The Lost Tapes Sampler

    Tommy Bolin – Whips and Roses

    Keith Emerson – Off The Shelf

    Five Day Rain – s/t

    Robin George – Crying Diamonds

    The Housemartins – Live at the BBC

    Reg King – s/t

    King Crimson – Live at the Wiltern July 1, 1995

    Manic Street Preachers - Everything Must Go 10th Anniv. Ed.

    The Maze, Harlem Shuffle EP

    Skid Row – Live and on Song

    Strawbs – Recollection

    Various Artists – Recovered Vol. 3, A Spicy Selection of Soulful Cover Versions

    Various Artists – Nothing Is Bizarre

    Various Artists – Takin’ A Detour Volume Three

    Michael Viner’s Incredible Bongo Band – Bongo Rock (Complete Recordings)

    my 5 favourite Music DVDs of the year were...

    Bruford – Rock Goes To College

    Gary Moore & Friends – One Night In Dublin

    Rainbow – Live in Munich 1977

    Rush – Replay x3
    Yellow Matter Custard - One Night in NYC

    ... and I am not going to bother with the lists of
    Top 5 Concerts 2006, Radio Singles, Moog LPs, Films, Books, etc. etc.

    I am sure, as the year finally comes to an end, there will be more threads like this one..... :rolleyes:
    This is fun... :bouncer:


    P.S. If you read this you've made it through, Congratulations!



  • Glenn Hughes - M4TD
    Os Mutantes - Live in Barbican Theatre (CD and DVD)

    By the way... MUtantes it's an excelente Brazilian band that I think you should listen!


  • chris how is that bruford dvd? got to check that out

    Hi Tony,

    the Bruford DVD is a must-have, Jazz Rock at its very best with stunning virtuosity. It's so great to watch Allan Holdsworth and Jeff Berlin play live, and I have had the rare opportunity to see both players peform live this year, in seperate gigs.

    Even Annette Peacock, like her or not, with her free form approach to singing fits perfectly! :singer:
    The box cover says that the DVD is Region 0 NTSC, so you should be able to watch it worldwide.

    Available via the Voiceprint site, where I ordered my copy.


    P.S. Listening to Blues right now - I almost forgot that one of my favourite bass players, Tony Franklin :bow: played most of the parts... :thumbup:



  • Chris,
    You have such great taste in music !!! And Bruford was simply one of the most invigorating experiences ever. I have been listening to Adrian Belew's Side Three for the past month and it is stunning. I have been stuck in my rut of just listening to what I have for most of this year...very few new additions of any worth, but did pick up Baker-Gurvitz Army and a few Amon Duul remasters that get plenty of rotation.

    "if only we'd turn around and notice the door to the cell is open"

  • Thank you, Frank :) - I can only return the compliment :thumbup:

    I haven't had the opportunity to listen to Side Three yet (One and Two, I do already have), but I have listened and watched to Baker Gurvitz Army this year when I got their Musikladen DVD and subsequently listened to the albums again.

    I have not yet dwelved into the phenomenon of Amon Düül, but I will, that's for sure....
    Think of the many different kinds of music, artists and groups us GHCPs are pointing each other to - something new each day! That's great.



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