wot you would like for christmas

  • So.... has everyone done there christmas shoppin yet? i was just wondering what everyone has asked father christmas for this year? :noel:
    I wonder what Glenn will be getting this year does anyone know what he wants?
    Ive asked for a psp but ill probably wont be getting one :rolleyes:
    so yeah what has everyone asked for?

  • Umm yeah i would like a ipod and a new mobile phone for christmas!! :) !! Dad if you read this i would like a ipod and a new phone :D thanx!!! :lol: Umm i dont know what glenn has asked for :huh: Emma what do you want for christmas then??? xxkelzangelxx

  • Well, I got my wish for Christmas...some time off of work to spend with my son!! Oh yeah...and Roger, too :) I am off until the 27th and very happy about that!! I have worked at the same law firm for over 17 years and a little time away from it is just what I need!!! :thumbup:

    Also - for a change, I am all done with the Christmas shopping early. So I get to sit back and enjoy. This is a good Christmas!!

  • I've got a huge list of CDs I'd like on my computer (with links to the internet site that has the lowest price), so people can easily see what I want.

    I'm organised when it comes to matters of buying CDs!

  • Done most of my Christmas shopping! :thumbup: :D

    I would love a pink PSP (coz I'm a bit of a kid! ) :p

    (....and for my other half's business to take off - he's moving to Denmark Street (Tin Pan Alley) with his guitar workshop - so fingers crossed..........)

  • Glenn to release another album ASAP! ;)

    Glenn to play Northampton again - great sound system :singer:

    Ritchie Blackmore to record a ROCK album again.

    Deep Purple to write some decent songs AND change the setlist to something interesting :confused:

    Journey to add some more UK shows to the end of the tour so we wont miss them :mad:

    My lottery numbers to come up big time so i can book Wembley Stadium for Glenn and an all star cast - then fly all you guys in and give you backstage passes :D ;) :) :thumbup: :lol:

  • Wolfy...You've got great style :thumbup: .....yeah, wouldn't mind winning the lottery...but seriously....I think an Aston Martin Vanquish...would do the trick, Santa ;)

    In reality, I really want what money can't buy....Peace On Earth...and Real Good Will Towards Men & Women.......and little puppies named fluffy :D

  • For Christmas, I would like Glenn and DC to play Burn in my living room...:lol:
    Wolfy, please count me in for Wembley Stadium...:thumbup:

    Wow, you'll need understanding neighbours & good windows!!!!! :lol:

    I'd like a never - ending whirl of partying & no 'hangover' after - fat chance!!! :lol:

    Cheers, hic

  • Another great day for us Christmas wise :D Roger finally got his Christmas present. He had Mike Yankee of texastubeamps.com make him a clone of a Matchless Spitfire amplifier. Along with the amp, Roger got a Marshall cabinet with 2 12'' Celestian speakers. He also recently picked up a Hamer guitar he really likes a lot. He is very happy with his new set up (and I am glad he is finally playing it instead of talking about it...:lol:).

    I got a little package from Amazon.com today. In it was my new copy of Medusa (lost my other copy when I forgot it in my car when I traded it in last year). I have been missing it badly. So, I am currently listening to 'Jury' on the stereo while Roger is jamming with it. Very cool! :thumbup:

  • I do hope I get the ipod I've hinted at...failing that, I'll settle for gift certificates for books and skincare products.

    Oh, and if someone(and you know who you are ;) !) happens to be reading this...a beginner's bass guitar would be nice! :D

    In this crazy world you must change yourself....

    Never compare yourself to others - people are more screwed up than you think.

  • I would like to have a new amps for my guitar, just to have a better sound nad maybe a new fender to accompany my gibson :-)))

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