It's Jocke time!

  • Hello everyone! Sorry for the lack of JJ updates lately - he's been writing/rehearsing/recording and I've been out on the road with UFO, so it's been a bit hit'n'miss as to actually posting an update.

    But here ya go - Things have been a bit Swedish in Swedeland lately, what with the long winter nights that start around mid-day and finish around 11am the following day (what the hell's all that about????????) but in the hours of lightness, our li'l blond fella has been packing a lot in.

    Some of the tracks for the next album are already in the can, and some of the others aren't far behind. As a Christmas present to you all he's incuded a photo of himself and Chad. In all honesty, re the photo, between me and you I've received better presents at the dentists.
    He means well, and he IS blond - so make allowances, ok. As a guitarist he's pretty dammmmn good. As a photogenic model he's..... no, don't make me say it.

    But anyway, here ya go...

  • Great photo! Hope his new songs will be as great as the ones on MFPM. Hope to meet him in 2007...btw..Kate, tell him to answer his emails...LOL...merry christmas for you too, Kate..before I forget ;)
    Cheers, Achim

  • He's usually quite good at answering his emails, so maybe yours got lost in the ether. If you sent him one that he's not answered, by all means send it again. And thanks for the Christmas wishes. Same to you, and to everyone here!

  • nice pic, look very crazy. Anyway when playing some music in the background thare's mistake at playlist at JJs page, when they say it's keep on moving and actually it's gettin' tighter :-)))

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