What is your perfect all-star band ?

  • This one is tough for me but seeing as it is a Glenn hughes forum:

    Vocals: Glenn Hughes
    Bass: Tony Franklin
    Guitar: Stevie Salas
    Guitar: Richie Kotzen
    Drums: Carmine Appice


  • Glenn Hughes: Lead Vocals & Bass

    Richie Kotzen : Guitar & Vocals

    Jake E Lee: Guitar

    John Sykes : Guitar & Vocals

    Jon Lord : Keyboards

    Ian Paice : Drums

  • this really changes w/ every day and every mood, but....
    vocals--nobody beats glenn in my book,ian gillan
    guitar--tony iommi,frank marino,john sykes,gary moore
    bass--neil murry, michael anthony,bill church(old school)
    drums--eric singer,chad smith,neil purt,

    i know that's not really a band, but these are some folks that i like. tomorrow could bring a whole different list, depending on the mood

  • Glenn Hughes and Joe Lynn Turner - vocals (or without Joe, it doesn't metter)

    JJ Marsh - guitar

    Thomas Broman - drums

    And...don't know, maybe Hans on keys...

    And of course Glenn on bass!

  • Ritchie Blackmore : Lead guitar
    David Coverdale : Vocals
    Glenn Hughes : Bass guitar and vocals
    Jon Lord : Keyboards
    Cozy Powell : Drums (RIP :( )

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