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    Looks like Ms. Saraya was quite a Glenn Hughes fan back in the day. I always liked Saraya; they had a great sound and a great singer, one definitely worthy of our own hero here. I saw them on tour with Badlands back in the early ‘90s, and they were definitely the only band able to hold their own against Ray Gillen, Jake E. Lee and company.

    Too bad the band folded after two albums...

    Now that I’m thinking about it, though, does anyone here know what Sandi Saraya is up to these days? It’d be wonderful to hear her again…

  • Saraya is the topic of conversation over at MelodicRock now and then. She's apparently married to an actor, whose name escapes me, and is no longer involved in music. Shame. She had a wonderful voice. My personal favorite song she recorded is "Timeless Love" from the 'Shocker' soundtrack. It's not really Saraya the band, per se; rather, it's Sandi with a number of sessions folks like Steve Lukather,etc. Good stuff!


  • GLENN actually worked with her back in the day and did two tracks with her and at one point was thinking he might use one song himself, since nothing came out of the cooperation, mostly because Sandi Saraya was "too nervous" working with him! He was also supposed to sing/collaborate on their second album from 1992 called "When The Blackbird Sings", but nothing ever came of it.

    A couple of side notes....former Saraya bass player, Barry Dunaway, has played with GLENN quite extensively as a band member of Voices of Classic Rock. Prior to being married to her current husband, Sandi was married to Brian Wheat, bass player for Tesla, who have also shared a stage with GLENN.

    Small world, eh :)

  • Hi

    I had the Saraya album 'when a blackbird sings'.

    Great album, and Sandi had[has] a fantastic rock voice.

    Do not know where my copy went though :huh:


  • Ahhh - Saraya - those two albums were excellent, the band had such massive potential!

    I remember having a chat with Sandi about our mutual admiration for Glenn when she was in the UK (touring - supporting FM. I think it was just after the debut album was released). She said she'd love to work with Big G , so I gave Sandi Glenn's home phone number in the hope that something might come of it - it's a shame nothing got released - I'm sure the two of them could've made a killer duo!!

    I'll try and confirm if those 2 tracks actually got recorded - it would be great to hear them if that is indeed the case.

    As Saraya obviously have some fans here I'll try and dig out the pics I have from that UK tour and post them, if it's not too off-topic.

    On a sad note - Gregg Munier the bands keyboard player passed away earlier this year.


  • Such a shame she decided to pull out of Firefest last year.

    Although this isn't the best song to show off her talents, it sure shows she's still got it after all these years away from the limelight!

    Recorded just last September at her local church gathering :cool:

    - Livin' on a Prayer[/ame]

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