Japanese 3-Set Remastered Limited Edition series

  • On Ebay (where else) I found a seller who had a complete set left. He made me an offer of USD 150 including postage. Thats a fair deal considering it's rarerity. I've been told only 100 to 150 promo boxes in total were made. These 'promo' boxes are made by a Japanese company called Disk Union. It seems they have the rights to do so. When a new title is released they are all over Ebay ... but for a rather short time because when they are sold out the prices are starting to rise....fast. For instance: a promo box of Jethro Tull (without the cds) goes for + USD 300.00 :eek:.

    After keeping an eye for the set on EBay for 9 months with no succes of finding one, I decided to e-mail most mini lp dealers. I found one dealer who only had the box and wanted to sell it for USD 50. The day after I found a Portugese dealer who had the whole set. The search was over ;)

  • Yes I agree, usually it is. But after a few months it got quite annoying I couldnt find it. :lol: Especially after I read only few of those 'promo' boxes were printed.

    So my next 'hunt' project is the promo poster of Seventh Star (w/ group pic) :D

  • David, I was comparing the 'remastered' Medusa issued on the Ork label to the one in the Japanese 3 CD set and the Japanese issue is definitely the 'better-sounding' copy!!! The title track on the Ork copy abruptly ends at the fade out (sloppy remastering, if you ask me). The same track on the Japanese copy fades to silence (as it should). The only reason to keep the Ork copy is the great booklet that comes with it...:D

  • I believe it was during his online chat with us that Mel Galley related the tale of how the master tapes for the Trapeze albums were stored in a shed where mice and moisture took their toll. I have to wonder what the source material was for both the Japanese set and the recent "Medusa" reissue.

    Take a memo kids; Procrastination kills...I should have ordered the box set when it was first available...but nnooooooooo.....;)

    Since my CD's are in Virginia, I might order the Trapeze two-fer from Wounded Bird just to have them to listen to in the car. With the discovery of Bleeker Street Records in NYC I have another source for the hard to find stuff.

    Have a great weekend!! :cool:

    Yours In The Funk
    Bill "Capt. Midnite" Redford



    "Cause if you fake the FUNK..your nose got to grow!" Bootsy Collins

  • Hello Will! It has a 12 page booklet with a brief history of Trapeze by Bill Leslie. It also has some nice notes from Glenn about the band! Nice pic of the 5-piece line-up, the first album and You Are the Music LP, Italian pic sleeve for Coast to Coast single, pic sleeve for Send Me No More Letters & a Marquee clipping and something from NME (I think) :thumbup:

  • For those interested in the first Trapeze cd als mini lp please place your bids here.
    For a fantatsic starting bid of USD 469.79 haha :eek:


    But seriously now. I came across this auction and for those still want to buy this rare box.
    Now you can get all three mini lps with promo box for only USD 99.00
    Grab your chance!


  • I compared the "fade-out" of Medusa-the song from the recent Ork 9 CD Remaster from 2008 with the original CD version from 1994 (Threshold) and the GH-Anthology "1970-2007" CD version from 2007 (Castle/Sanctuary).

    For my tho cents on this, the Ork Remaster is louder and crisper as the other two versions, the song is cut 3 to 4 seconds longer. I don't think the fade-out is harsher or not well remastered. Although I would say it is somewhat more abrupt. I think this comes from the overall louder level.

    The Ork CD is definately better than the THS 1994 and better than the Castle 2007. But against the Japan-Universal 2006 version I could not test, because I don't own it. Just will have another look at YouTube.

    What would the others say?

  • Dear Chustler,

    it was your post that actually inspired me to make some research on this topic which resulted in my recent post.

    My summary on the Ork 9 CD is that I can't find it to be a less quality remaster, although the last seconds of Medusa-the song doesn't fade out so softly, albeit I don't know why.

    I think the CD is the best available remaster of Trapeze-Medusa.

  • Oh...I definitely would prefer the ORK 9 release over the 1994 version....but if the Japanese boxset was 'readily available'...it would be hands-down the better of the two 'remastered' issues..... :bow:

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