Mel Galley OFFICIAL Myspace launched

  • Yes folks.
    Thats right.
    Mel now has an official outlet on the WWW! :D :thumbup: :clapper: :bouncer: It was offically launched today Sunday 10th December in the CHAT. Although some people on here found the "work in progress" version this week by themselves.

    If you head over to you will find a full, authorised Biography and some rare unreleased tunes for your listening pleasure:guitarist :drummer: :singer: :clapper:
    You need to be a Myspace member to post comments etc.

    You'll find a couple of links in it to GHPG and Glenn's myspace page too. if you hover the mouse in the right places :D that is.

    You will also find a link to the Trapeze:Running cover if havent seen it before.

    Picture attached was taken at the pre-launch party yesterday. In it with Mel are two of his newest and now(after meeting him for the first time) completely smitten fans.

  • Hey Paul,

    I have checked it out is time that Mister Galley gets the love he deserves.....Thank you so much for all your work...We all appreciate what you have done!! :bow: :thumbup:

    Yours In The Funk
    Bill "Capt. Midnite" Redford


    "Cause if you fake the FUNK..your nose got to grow!" Bootsy Collins

  • Wolfy, you are "da man" !!! :bow: About time Mel gets his kudos and people get to know something about his legacy and brilliance. If I was in his shoes I would also be very greatful for a friend who cares like you do :thumbup:

    "if only we'd turn around and notice the door to the cell is open"

  • Great Job Wolfy!! It has been a long time comin', but hopefully Mel will start to get some of the recognition he sorely deserves. Couldn't be happier about his MySpace! Now, maybe even a website in the future :thumbup:

    Let's Kick It With A Tasty Groove :guitarmet

  • Absolutely brilliant! :thumbup:

    It's long overdue, it's so nice to see Mel getting the attention he deserves.

    Reading some old posts on here, it seemed to me that maybe Mel himself didn't fully appreciate how much he & his music mean to so many people. I think he's been put right on that score by Wolfy and many others, well done guys :claphands

    A full-blown Trapeze website must be next on the list....:D

  • Congratulations and nice work Wolfy :claphandsi'll look forward to seeing the site develop! It's time for Mel to get writing som killer riffs again - judging by the 4 new songs on Whitesnake's last effort Mr.Coverdale could do with a bit of help in that area!!


  • Well done Paul, its great that Mel is getting some much deserved exposure. I would love to know what happened to the MGM demos.

    If you remember we discussed those at the Northampton gig. It would be a real coup if you could get hold of those. I think BM has still got a copy. Loved there version of Palace of the King.

    Anyway great Job and hopefully this site will continue to grow in popularity. It must be great for Mel to know he has not been forgotten :claphands

  • Yeah, that about says it all:


    ....and those 2 anonymous Mel Galley fans
    in the photograph ain't too shabby none either.


  • He's definitely on my friends' list now Paul, and as everyone before me has said, not before time! :thumbup: I'll read his page in depth over the weekend and say hello :lips:

    And it's wonderful to know that you've made him realise how much he's been appreciated on here.

    Thanks for all you've done (how long ya been on myspace - two minutes? :lol: ) and thanks to Mel.

    And a lovely pic of your ladies with the great man, too :rose: :rose:

    My first post on the Christmas forum - good innit? :D ... though the snow keeps falling onto my keyboard :p

    'You thought that you could take me for granted, but I couldn't take it no more. Better run if you see me coming ... '

  • Good man wolfy and mel - nice to see the site and who knows where this could lead!

    One thing - perhaps in helping to spread the word, you could contact people such as Simon as the DPAS to bring the site to a wider audience - I'm sure they'd put a brief 'news' report on their website and why not say this is the first step; in the future Mel is gathering together some of his vast archive of music to assess whether some will be issued officially for fans starved of his talents for a number of years! (I do like nice gentle prods! and who knows it might help the lofts and garages to be checked out by the Brothers G!!!) :thumbup:

  • Thanks everyone for your comments.

    Mel is amazed by the response to the page. I keep telling him there is still interest in Trapeze out there - especially with Glenn still recording and touring.

    In just a week he has had over 500 views, 800 plays, and 80 friends. He's had contact from an old friend too - John Saxon of MGM.

    His unreleased demo track Coming Back Strong which turned into Gambler on Slide it In is the most played - just.

    The top friends list is constantly changing. Those he knows will be on the top half and fans will be rotating on the bottom half.

    Any suggestions for songs when they are changed in the New Year will be welcome.

    Thanks again from Mel.

    :ghcp: "It's in my blood"

  • 4 new tracks have been added today :D

    There are live studio instumental versions of Slide It In & Standing In the Shadows :bouncer:
    It's really good to hear the unmistakeable sound of Cozy Powell on drums :drummer:
    Sing along with Mel and the boys :singer: :pics:

    Also added Midnight Flyer from Hot Wire and Take Good Care from Hold On.

    A few new pics of Mel - and in colour too!
    I havent posted them in the gallery here as this the GHPG and Glenn is not in the pics.
    His new profile pic is a great one, tho i say so myself.
    All new pics kindly provided by Mel's son :thumbup: :yes:

    :ghcp: "It's in my blood"

  • Congrats, Paul - the site is getting better and even better!
    Love the new profile pic and will keep Mel in Medusa's Top Friends forever.

    We are currently taking a break in rehearsals for a week and will be resuming rehearsing one of my originals "The Edge Of Life" next week. That song (one of my originals) is our "Seaful" and our guitarist Patrick is trying to catch the right mood for those guitar licks between the verses. A tribute to Mel's playing in a great band. Looking forward to tell him live in the chat on Sunday!




  • Speaking about "Seafull", I still think that JJ´s performance on the Soulful DVD is one of the most stunning performances of this brilliant song i have ever heard, sends shivers down my spine ...and I know what Im talking bout.

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