Sweden Rock 2007

  • Sweden Rock has named "Heaven and Hell" as a headliner for the June Festival. Also included are Udo, Motorhead, Axel Rudi Pell, Black Oak Arkansas and a host of others; and this is only the initial announcement. Dio. Iommi. Butler and Vinnie Appice should be quite a band to check out :claphands

    "if only we'd turn around and notice the door to the cell is open"

  • That's interesting. I read that H&H only had plans to play the UK, US and Canada... maybe they only have plans to play non-festivals in those countries?

  • Hi Arjen, nice to hear from you again.
    I hear from some sources that Paul Stanley is negociating some appearances during the summer european festival...

  • Hi Martiall! How are you. Hope all is well :)
    I heard the same rumor. He probably will do some smaller shows too. Im looking foward to those :D

    I saw Paul Stanley in NY and Philly. Both were amazing. Much much better than KISS. I mean .. who cares about the current KISS these days. Not me! ;)

    check out some of the pictures I took at my friend's site

    PS. Sorry to get a bit off-topic

  • Oh boy looks like he still is going strong!I remember he was voted sexiest rock singer a couple of times. He still looks good and still is sexy to me! I only saw kiss twice,once at meadowlands and second at Q garden.I have their box set.Now I have to check out Paul's solo stuff,i'm sure it is going to rock! Gene Simmons seems busy with his family reality show "Family Jewels" on A&E channel.No comment on that :lol:

  • According to RJD they want to tour with H&H for a year! With all do respect but Bill woulnd't last for a month. Wouldnt surprise me a bit if that has something to do with Bill steppin' out....

    Would be nice though to see Vinnie behind the drums again. Last time I saw him was with Dio during the Strange Highways tour in 93 :)

    Time flies...

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