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  • Hello everyone,
    Just talked to Tom Galley Saturday. Though he's been upset about the fact he can't re-issue the original albums, I suggested that maybe he re-record 12 classic tracks with 3 new ones with some of the original musicians and vocalists and some new ones. He loved the idea. He will either update the sound or do accoustic versions with an orchestra. We would like your input. Let us know which tracks you'd like to hear done most and which format. Tom also would like to apologize for not getting back to everyone that has e-mailed him recently. He has been very busy with writing new stuff and with personal things. He said he will try his best to get to them all in the new year. Hope you all like the idea.


  • I only have the second album, but I'd like to hear acoustic/orchestral versions of Hearts On Fire and Did It All For Love as those are excellent tracks.

    Also Kiss Of Fire and Still The Night are excellent songs.

  • I have the original lp with booklet and an ep.
    This one is far superior to the second one.

    No bad tracks. Most favorite one is the Hughes/Thrall composition 'Still The Night', which also appears on John Norum 'Face The Truth' and will appear on the Hughes Thrall re-issue of their first (and so far only) record.

  • This sounds interesting- if not great! But.... If he can't get contributions from Glenn, John Wetton, Max Bacon, Neil Murray, Don Airey and somehow bring Ray Gillian and Cozy back- I will only maintain minimal interest in this. He would have to at least get back the living vocalists and Mel on guitars to make this a success. It's not fair how they (he) lost the right to re-release it- I'd probably buy it anyway because of that.

  • Tom surely has all the master tapes.
    Take the parts you like best including Cozy Powell's drums or Ray Gillen's vocal tracks, add new parts featuring the people who contributed back in the day and the result would be the Ultimate Phenomena.
    I still like albums one (a lot) and two (most of it).
    No comment about the third one.......


  • Considering the fact that we GHCPs are now forming:

    "The Official ~ Nag the Galley Brothers ~ Club"

    could it be even a remote possibility, that there's
    enough un-released stuff in assorted family attics,
    basments, garages, and back yard gardening sheds,
    to compile a: "Phenomena 4 - Classic and Rare" CD?
    Some of it already recorded.....WITH......Ray Gillian and Cozy Powell?

    You gotta' walk around with an ax, when you see these Galley brothers.
    And look VERY MEAN :mad:
    Yep, that oughta' do it.

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