New Mel Galley interview - EXCLUSIVE!

  • Well ok, the "interviewer" is me ;) ..... but it got your attention.

    First off, i have posted a load of new pics in the Trapeze Gallery section

    Mel very generously has lent them to me so i could take a digital pic and post on here for you. I have to give them back next week but we are hoping that they will be properly professionally scanned by a friend of his and i will be able to get better quality copies on here. They are in pretty good condititon considering they were stored in a suitcase on Tom's garage floor for years and the damp got in.

    The two big pics actually have Carl Dunn's name, address and phone number printed on the back.

    I showed Mel all the messages from Roger's (Strat335) post called Wolfy and Hackney. He is truly grateful for all your kind words. and gave a special CHEERS to you Roger as we supped the first pint :thumbup:

    I burnt the "Mel Galley Whitesnake Audition Tapes" onto cd and gave them to Mel. He hadnt listened to those demos for around 20 years. The versions on the DP Hub are very early ones and a lot more were written and recorded. Tom Galley actually has the original masters in his possession.

    As far as an "audition" tape, what actually happened was this:

    Mel, as u all know, was working at Donnington as a carpenter when Whitesnake supported ACDC. Coverdale approached Mel and told him he was changing the band and wanted Mel to join. Had he anything written or recorded they could use? Mel had written a whole load of songs for a new Trapeze album and was also writing all the Phenomena songs at the same time - and in the same studio! He sent DC a tape of the basic songs recorded so far and when he got them DC and Cozy Powell phoned Mel straight away and said they were great and they wanted to get the new Whitesnake up and running straight away using them. as I posted previously, the ones on Slide It In originally had Toms lyrics but DC used his own. Other songs got used for Phenomena and the Trapeze album never happened cos Mel was now full time in Whitesnake.

    Mel says he and Tom must really go thru what archive stuff they have and sort out some kind of release themselves.

    Let's hope my continually nagging Mel to get a project like that started works :lol:

  • Please Wolfy, keep on nagging Mel about going through the archives. Hopefully we'll be able to see and hear some if it someday.

    Thanks for yet again an informative post on the history of Trapeze. And thanks to Mel also :thumbup:


  • Thanks Wolfy !!! David is so right, there are thousands just dying to hear anything from Mel, but especially the stuff from the "audition" tapes and sessions.

    "if only we'd turn around and notice the door to the cell is open"

  • Thank you very much for the post Wolfysmith,

    it is very interesting to know how Mel got involved in Whitesnake I have all the cd's where Mel is playing I love all his music (and Glenn's of course).


  • Let's hope my continually nagging Mel to get a project like that started works

    Please Wolfy, please keep nagging Mel

    Many thanks Paul for continuing to badger Mel.....

    Thanks Wolfy!!! David is so right.......

    A lovely idea, gentlemen.

    But if "conversational persuasion" doesn't work, might I delicately recommend:

    Plan B ------> :axe:

    PS....You better get busy, Galley.
    And the autobiography better be good, too.
    They don't call us......Crazy People.......for nothing.
    Heh, heh, heh.

  • Great Stuff Wolfy!!

    Hopefully we will get much more music from Mel, not only some of the old, but some new as well ;) .... and what I wouldn't give to hear any outtakes or unreleased tracks from "Hot Wire", "Trapeze" or "Hold On"...c'mon Mel, they have to be around somewhere :rolleyes:

    Thanks again Wolfy,


  • I like to thank you Wolfysmith for having the time to persuade Mel Galley to search his archive and sharing all these treasures with us. I am very interested about how he joined Whitesnake back in the early Eighties as I own the Slide It In album which he played on. He is a very talented man and I love all his works :) :) :) :)

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