Glenn's home!

  • Spoke briefly with GLENN this afternoon. He wants to thank everyone who came out to the European shows and is really excited about the second leg which is due to kick-off in February.

    He hasn't felt so

    exhilarated since the Trapeze days what with the new band and how they all performed during the tour, as well as the camaraderie when off stage and travelling.

    As always, there's a lot going on, which we can bring news of after the New Year.

    Welcome home Big Daddy :cool:

  • He deserves that Hawaii vacation after the effort he puts in at each show. I really hope the same lineup comes back in March.

  • Rest up in Hawaii or anywhere you want:bow:...come back refreshed and energized and ready to give us some tour dates (even two or three) in the USA. Vegas sounds great, and Phoenix is beautiful in February...:thumbup:

    "if only we'd turn around and notice the door to the cell is open"

  • ..... and Phoenix is beautiful in February...:thumbup:

    Dang right it is, Frank. Especially late February, right Wolfy? :D

    I hope there is a chance for the US fans to see this line up in the next year.


  • Cant wait for M4TD part two!, I really hope Northampton comes up again, will be a real shame if he cant go. Im not old enough to go to sheperds bush empire :( But not only that, so many positive comments were made from that show!

  • yer i agree!like emmauk says i wish Northampton come up again because that was my first gig and i realy enjoyed it! :thumbup:Well emmauk is my sister so i have to agree with her! :sint1: xxkelzangelxx

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