M4TD Tour Dates That Are Cancelled

  • I've heard it's due to that venues are insufficient.

    What puzzles me is why did they book small venues then. The Sax club in Zagreb is a club with less than 100 seats. And I've read here that the Oslo venue has a capacity of 150.

  • Yes, but that's why they cancelled gig in Zagreb as well. And I don't think it's always about capacity, in some cases it's also a matter of accomodation and other stuff related to this.

    As a tour manager told me after the gig, the band require 3 star hotel of american type in every place they play, simply to make the band feel comfortable.

  • Yes, but that's why they cancelled gig in Zagreb as well.

    Wrong. They knew what was the capacity of the Zagreb club in advance so it can't be the reason for the last minute cancelation. The Sax club never advertised anything and I also called them on the phone a week before the gig but they had no idea :confused:

  • You're right, it was not due to capacity (maybe I used wrong words to explain). According to tour manager, there was problem with promoter in Croatia, who didn't manage on time, what was agreed with the band, and therefore the band decided to cancel the gig.

    But ... german gigs were cancelled due to different reasons, but the tour manager didn't want to explain very deeply, what was the problem.

  • As already told in an other topic:

    From a reliable source I've heard that the last few dates where cancelled due to an irrisponsible agent for not getting contracts signed and promo started with enough leeway.

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