The Best....Glenn song for your mobile ring tone!

  • Ok, its the scurge of modern society - the ring tone! But having just got a new phone / mp3 player, then I'm going to fight back against the rhubarb tones that have endured over the last few years.

    So I've chosen Cant Stop the flood as my ringtone. When I get bored of that one, i think it'll either be Addiction or Soul Mover! :cool: Gettin Tighter might be another one to keep the people in the office in line.

    Anyone else have a glenn ringtone / idea for what would be best?!

  • is very difficult! but my three favorite songs of glenn's solo career are: :singer:Gasoline (Songs in the key of rock), :claphandsSoul Mover (Soul Mover) and of course Coffee and vanilla (feel) :bow:


  • I've got the opening of Rose In Hell from the moonstone project on my nokia..
    Might try The Valiant Denial or Monkey Man soon though!


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