Tour attendance so far

  • A question to those of you who have been to shows so far:

    It seems Glenn looks to be playing to around 3-500 people a night on this tour? Also, the venues he's been playing seem to have had a slightly bigger capacity than that?


  • Not the Dutch ones Daniel. Although Zaandam (de Kade), which Glenn played dozens times before, was more packed than ever.(so I heared) And I wasnt even there :lol:

  • Well Arjen, I was there at Zandaam, and it was the best attended gig so far out of the three I saw him on this tour. I thought the next best was Northampton - however that was his best UK show. To me it was only half full! Zandaam was very good, and JBs in Dudley was the worst because of the sound which is always crap but I do like the atmosphere in that venue. I think the guess of 3-500 is probably right.


  • Steve,

    I read Daniel's last line too fast. I thought he wrote the venues are slightly bigger than the ones on the previous tours...:rolleyes:

    But anyways, according to the venue site the capacity for the main hall is 700 standing. gives a good feeling the Zaandam gig had a more than good show up :) I've seen Glenn playing there with maybe only 100-150 people showing up....

    I'm glad Glenn is doing way better nowadays :thumbup:

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