How many copies of Glenn's albums have been sold?

  • Morning all - i guess this is a 'how long is a piece of string' question, in that it would be mighty difficult to get a robust answer. But i just wondered if the industry / glenn / glenns management would have a handle on how many units he's shifted from the albums in his solo career, say in the UK and Europe. I wonder how many, I also wonder which would be the biggest seller etc.

    So to start the ball rolling, if there is anybody in the know!

    • How many copies (UK / Europe) has the current superb album shifted?
    • Which is Glenns most successful album in terms of sales?

    Thanks for the forum btw - been a fan of Glenn's since I got Stormbringer in the late 80s and just entering into the 21st century with the world wide web!

  • Don't think you're going to get a finite answer on this one, other than Music For The Divine is far and away his best seller to date, followed by Soul Mover. Prior to that it's hard to say.

    There have been and are right now - reissues appearing that change previous totals. And look out for his back solo catalogue on Apple's iTunes in the near future - where of course, you have the choice of buying a full album or just individual songs.

    You could always trying asking your question via the Podcast Hotline where our regular feature, Setting The Record Straight, has Glenn's manager, answering your various questions.

    Welcome aboard by the way, be sure and have a good look around, there's plenty to keep you busy :cool:

  • This is a question I have always wondered about too. I would think the re-releases and the fact that so many labels have been involved it would be hard to tally. I would at least like to find out the rankings of the solo catalogue. For some reason, I would think "Burning Japan Live" would be in the top 5- at least one of the top Zero

    releases (Combined with Varney's Shrapnell). And the longevity of "Play Me Out" first on vinyl, then CD, CD with Bonus etc- that would have to tally high after all of these years.
  • This is a totally non-scientific answer :eek: but based on just 1 online retailer - Amazon - here's their current Top 10 "Best Sellers" lists for GLENN sorted by the major market countries:


    1. Music for the Divine by Glenn Hughes
    2. The 1996 Dep Sessions by Tony Iommi and Glenn Hughes
    3. Fused by Tony Iommi and Glenn Hughes
    4. Soul Mover by Glenn Hughes
    5. Return of Crystal Karma by Glenn Hughes
    6. HTP: 2 by Glenn Hughes and Joe Lynn Turner
    7. Hughes Turner Project by Glenn Hughes and Joe Lynn Turner
    8. From Now on by Glenn Hughes
    9. Burning Japan: Live by Glenn Hughes
    10. Feel by Glenn Hughes


    1. Music For The Divine by Glenn Hughes
    2. Building the Machine by Glenn Hughes
    3. Roads of Destiny by Geoff Downes & Glenn Hughes
    4. Soul Mover by Glenn Hughes
    5. Soul Mover [Special Edition] [Australian Import] by Glenn Hughes
    6. Way It Is/Building the Machine by Glenn Hughes
    7. Different Stages: the Best of Glenn Hughes by Glenn Hughes
    8. Hughes Turner Project by Glenn Hughes and Joe Lynn Turner
    9. Soulfully Live in the City of Angels: Limited Edition by Glenn Hughes
    10. Fused by Tony Iommi and Glenn Hughes


    1. Music for the Divine von Glenn Hughes
    2. Addiction von Glenn Hughes
    3. Burning Japan (Live) von Glenn Hughes
    4. Return of Crystal Karma von Glenn Hughes
    5. Songs in the Key of von Glenn Hughes
    6. Building the Machine von Glenn Hughes
    7. Feel von Glenn Hughes
    8. Fused von Tony Iommi With Glenn Hughes, Glenn Hughes, und Tony Iommi
    9. Roads of Destiny von Geoff Downes & Glenn Hughes
    10. The 1996 DEP Sessions von Iommi (with Glenn Hughes)


    1. Music for the Divine - Glenn Hughes
    2. Fused - Tony Iommi and Glenn Hughes
    3. Soul Mover - Glenn Hughes
    4. The 1996 Dep Sessions - Tony Iommi and Glenn Hughes
    5. Return of Crystal Karma - Glenn Hughes
    6. Songs In The Key Of Rock - Glenn Hughes
    7. Building The Machine - Glenn Hughes
    8. The Way It Is - Glenn Hughes
    9. Addiction - Glenn Hughes
    10. Feel - Glenn Hughes

  • Thanks for your responses - on MFTD, has glenn received any discs for the sales? I'm not sure at what level of sales they get issued these days (if at all) but that may give us an idea?

  • Thanks so much David- We ask, and we receive on this web site!

    Very interesting results- I was pretty close to being right about Burning Japan Live cause once you take out the Iommi stuff and Hughes-Turner (which I wasn't concidering) that would make it #5 in the US anyway... And maybe "Play Me Out" was more rare than I thought! I guess these are all the Cd's that are still in print? Cause if we are going to look at Hughes/Turner and Iommi/Hughes we should also have Hughes/Thrall to see where that ranks.


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