Glenn & Coverdale at Classic Rock awards

  • Yep, GLENN presented him with the "Best Band of the Year" award. Whitesnake also picked up the
    "DVD Of The Year" award.

    And for those fashion lovers out there ;) GLENN's wearing one of his new Junker Designs outfits :cool:

    Here's one other pic with Ronnie James Dio.

    You can read more about the awards show over at the Classic Rock Magazine website.

  • Thanks, for posting this great picture!

    Yes, you're right, Hiawatha.
    That's David Coverdale and Glenn Hughes of Whitesnake.

    (Doesn't anybody ever do their homework, and check their facts?) :eek:


    Looks like I'll be making a new coffee mug. Heh, heh, heh.

    Right after I use a brown "magic marker" to get rid of that blond frosting job,
    that somebody recently talked DC into having done. Didn't he learn anything,
    from that previous blond "Robert Plant" fashion statement error?
    Luckily Glenn did.

    So what Whitesnake DVD was this award for?
    And how come our boy didn't get a DVD award, too?
    Wasn't there some Deep Purple MK3 DVD up for honors?

    Meanwhile, I hope that Glenn had a good chance to tell DC
    that there are numerous MK3 fans who would love a reunion concert.
    .........and there's one ax murderer who will kidnap them both,
    and sing her version of YKOM non-stop until they agree
    to get together to compose some snappy tunes for a new album.
    (Not mentioning any names here; this person will remain nameless.)

    Nameless :axe: :axe:


  • 'Ol David's looks seem to be losing the battle with Father Time.....

    I was trying to think of a nice way to say that...Thanks !! :lol:

    The guy looks pretty much like an old Florida lifeguard :confused:

    "if only we'd turn around and notice the door to the cell is open"

  • You guys are a rough crowd! LOL. That's just what happens when you don't die!

    More power to em, makes me feel great to see them out there. I was pretty shocked to see Robin Trower on the Living Out of Time DVD, and then I got to thinking, man, this is FANTASTIC that these guys are still out there tearing it up. Can't stay young forever, even though we get a picture in our mind about how they're supposed to look for us.

    Glenn has definitely held his age better than the others, I give him that.

    That was great seeing that picture, I spent many a night with my headphones on, pretending I was DC until the cool part of Burn hit, then I would pretend I was Glenn....nah, I couldn't even pretend to sing like that!! LOL

    The older the violin, the sweeter the music!

  • Dio's vocals in the rainbow days was almost perfect!

    Coverdale is a wonderfull singer and performer!

    But... I guess Glenn is THE MAN when it comes to the voice!


  • Mike, your photographs are unbelievable.

    GH and DC hugging each other.....beyond priceless.

    What incredible roads these two guys have travelled since they first met,

    "when they were ONLY five years old."

    What new adventures in music, we fans might hope for.........

    Thank you so much :rose:


  • Great pics!!!its so good to see them back together again! :thumbup: This is my first message so please forgive me if i do anything wrong! :rolleyes: I went to see Glenn with my dad(johnnyboyuk)and my sister(emmauk)in Northhampton!It was great to finally meet him!He is a great singer :singer: and is so very talented on the bass guitar! :claphands

  • good to see Jeff Beck and Glenn!

    ..from the pick it seems that Jeff is also pretty much in awe of Glenn....

    can't glenn get him to play on his next record..together with chad it should be an interesting musical adventure!

  • Quote good to see Jeff Beck and Glenn!
    ... from the pick it seems that Jeff is also pretty much in awe of Glenn....

    ... and I thought that was Chrissie Hynde next to Glenn... :rolleyes:
    Great pics from a memorable moment - Thanks for sharing!




  • David Coverdale has commented on last week's Classic Rock Roll of Honour event, which took place on November 6th in London. Whitesnake was honored with the "Band of the Year" and "Best DVD" awards at the show, which was organized by Classic Rock magazine.

    Commented Coverdale:

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