Stormbringer remaster...

  • ...just checked the Stormbringer progress report on

    looks like we're in for a real treat

    I consider Stormbringer to be the most underrated DP album ever, probably because for this one they dug really deep into american soul, blues and funk and less in British hard-rock, tho' to me it is a good mix...the band is firing on all 5 cylinders and every member just shines! The songs themselves are really outstanding, from good rock and roll to introspective stuff like soldier of fortune and Holy Man.

    High Ball Shooter I also like for the Whitsnake-to-come-Coverdale lyrics: I wanna play piano but my fingers don't agree, they're busy on you woman and i feel your fingers working on me ...You're a High Ball sure ripped the low ones off me....

    ouch... that means an xxx rated sticker on the new remastered version for the US market

  • :thumbup: We can understand why a sticker will be placed on the remastered "Stormbringer" with the explicit lyrics at the beginning of the track i guess that will still be the case
    "Co--s----r" Motherf---er", that shall be quite interesting,
    hopefully that's confirmed mmmmmm

  • Thanks for the news Ad and the update David. Despite what Mr. Blackmore had said, I'd always enjoyed Stormbringer as the perfect follow up to Burn. In fact as well as Glenn's influences, I thought Ritchie played well on it varying the style to suit the mood. I'd like to add a thumbs up for The Gypsy which is a great blend of melodic vocal harmony, understated keys, rythym and guitar work. It's a good team effort.

    Look forward to hearing those Abbey Road reworkings and also the original remasters.

  • sounds really highly interesting! just saw a few pics of Glenn at Abbey studios at speaking about "You cant do it right", it was interesting that when i asked him about this particular song in the chat recently, he said he wants to do it "live" in the future. im waiting to hear this for the last 20
    have a great weekend all, Achim

  • I agree wholeheartedly, however, I have to disagree with Ad, 'Come Taste the Band' has got to be the most unappreciated DP album ever!

  • Yes indeed. Very under-rated. Although nowadays it seems to get more respect than it ever did at the time.

    When i play it to people they love it and dont realise its DP from 30 YEARS AGO! even if they recognise DC. Coming Home is a great opener and i have always loved Dealer and Love Child.

    I think Tommy had a great sound on that album. The production/mix is so much better than all the previous DP albums too.

    Lets hope a remaster comes out soon although they seem to be dragging their feet on the the last few. Waiting patiently for Live in London :mad: :confused: :rolleyes:

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