For Wolfy & Hackney...the new pics of Mel Galley

  • Hey guys:
    I was just looking at the pics of Mel from the show the other night. I don't know if you will bother, but I hope some day when you lucky guys are talking to him, I wish you would tell him how much some guy in Texas appreciates his talent. I really liked JJ, and I heard some other players for Glenn, but when I hear the original Coast to Coast I hear a solo that fits the song so well that it makes the song for me, and it makes me think of all of the great work he did with Trapeze. What a rockin funky band. It was the best rock and roll band I have ever seen. And I've seen a lot. But Mel...damn...not a million notes, just the right ones. Not every sound in the world, just the greatest rock guitar sound. Not complete technical wizardry, but perfect phrasing for what the song called for. A brilliant sound that walked the line between feeling and power.
    I would love to meet Glenn some day, I listen to his music every day and he is my favorite singer by far - so far that I don't even consider anyone close......but no less would I like to meet Mel. He has been very important to me, and I really enjoyed seeing the pictures of him. Next time you are having a pint with him, if you get a chance, would you let him know what I said?
    I really appreciate it.
    Roger Williams

  • Hey Roger,

    Mel was indeed the master of "making every note count". I always loved his solos on songs like "What Is A Woman's Role" and "Good Love" (still a huge personal favorite!!) and his intro to Glenn's song "Destiny" always makes me think of Joe Walsh....A Leslie drenched number like "Time Will Heal" is textbook Mel 101.

    Mel also mastered the rhythm/lead style of playing; an essential skill in a three piece. Pete Townshend was probably the master and Joe Walsh a close second but Mel combined a killer tone, a feel for groove and solos that speak volumes with little fuss.

    And lest you think that the funk left Trapeze along with Glenn....a quick listen to "Feel It Inside" from the Hot Wire album will settle that debate quickly.

    Yours In The Funk
    Bill "Capt. Midnite" Redford


    "Cause if you fake the FUNK..your nose got to grow!" Bootsy Collins

  • I've always 'championed' TRAPEZE.....after all these years they're still one of my all-time fave bands! Mel Galley Rules!!

  • when I hear the original Coast to Coast I hear a solo that fits the song so well that it makes the song for me, and it makes me think of all of the great work he did with Trapeze....damn...not a million notes, just the right ones. Not complete technical wizardry, but perfect phrasing for what the song called for.

    Quote from captmidnite1962

    Mel was indeed the master of "making every note count".

    Very well put, Roger, and Bill, that's exactly what I think.

    We were rehearsing a new tune today (one of my originals that dates back as far as 1995!), and decided to give it a "Seafull" feel. When it came to finding melodies and licks (for the guitar player) to play before the verse(s) he said he had to listen to "Seafull" and check out what kind of stuff Mel Galley is playing there, because it fits the song perfectly.

    :thumbup: Christian

  • You can add me to this list- Roger I agree with your observations and comments 100%. There is a lot to be said for Mel's tasteful guitar work- for me, it adds so much more than the shredding of a Malmsteen or Vai- it's an integral part of the "sum of the whole". Trapeze was truely an amazing band. The same could be said about Dave Holland and of course Glenn's over the top vocals. Perfect Rock- Funk- Soul fusion (and pioneer's at that!), and all three are equally responsible.

    From the sounds of the reviews- Glenn may now have got something similar going on- can't wait to hear the new band for myself!


  • Not to say that good musicians grow on trees,
    but you could put a group of VERY talented musicians into a studio,
    and still end up with (although technically good) very boring music.

    The thing about Trapeze, for me anyway, was the chemistry.
    3 guys alone shouldn't be able to create that much sound.
    And that sound has withstood the test of time.

    PS......When's this guy "Galley" gonna' register here,
    and become the newest "GHCP trainee?"

    (Just watch out for that evil Trapeze fan, Chip. ) :eek:

    Take good care of yourself, Mel.


  • He will need a pc first Grace!

    ........or he'll have to wait until computer acess is added to each room,
    of the new GHCP guest suite wing, of the world famous, 5-star: Smith's Hotel in Cannock :lol:

    PS......Thanks for your great report on Glenn's UK shows.
    Not only did you have all the basics covered,
    but you added the little touches of information,
    that made it seem as if we were all there with you.
    YOU.....should write reviews for "Classic Rock."

    I'm so glad that you "re-discovered" YKOM.
    That song is ALWAYS new, and maybe Glenn just enjoys singing it.
    (Or maybe he's scared what will happen if he doesn't. Heh, heh, heh.)

    Kiss that baby :heart: for.....
    Grammy Grace

  • Yeah Grace, YKOM does sound fresh again. But im glad they dropped Getting Tighter at last. Maybe the full length The World Around Us / Ode could get in the setlist. I can just imagine Jeff on his Les Paul Classic playing it wonderfully.

  • Hi Roger, just to let you know I read your message to Mel over the phone this morning and he was genuinely pleased to hear such nice things said about him. It means a lot to have the legacy you left behind, appreciated in the way you and the other guys have so eloquently written about.

    Best regards, John

  • I'd just like to thank Mel as well. I didnt have the pleasure of hearing him live, but will always enjoy listening to the multitude of songs i have on him playing.

    When, in the 90s, i got the Whitesnake live video (them things before dvds!) I had a mono tv hooked up to a stereo video recorder which you could decide which channel to play through the TV. God, that telly rocked with Mel's riffs on tracks like Walking in the Shadow of the Blues that i hunted back through all the trapeze albums and was hooked.

    Keep on Turning It On Mr Galley!

  • I like to say that Trapeze's music is great and I love the music and albums that they make. I especially love their works in Deep Purple, Whitesnake and Judas Priest. Mel Galley did a very good job with Hot Wire, which I consider a groovy album. I listen to You Are The Music We're Just The Band, when I have a bad day and it cheers me up. It blows me away to hear the funky guitar, bass and drums from Messrs Galley, Hughes and Holland. Thank you for the music Mel.


  • Paul and John...I was on a large equipment (guitar and amp) website, and started talking to this guy whose favorite solo of all time was Mel's on What is a Woman's Role. Anyway, he PMed me this, and I thought maybe you could share it with the rest of the thread when you talk to Mel. I took out a bit of it for length's sake, but I have no doubt Jeff (new friend) would want Mel to see it.
    That is the best PM I have ever received

    (I've never been hero of the day)

    Mel is without a doubt my all time favorite player. I have other influences that have been obsessions for a season. There never was a point where I just decided that Mel was my favorite player, it’s just that his playing has withstood the test of time. I always find myself going back to the Trapeze stuff.

    The message that you forwarded is spot on. Mel doesn’t blow you away with technical wizardry or flash. It’s just that his playing is so lyrical, with perfect note selection and a wonderful sense of melody. He’s just a musician’s musician. The Coast to Coast solo *perfection* I was playing it last night on my new guitar rig at my buddy’s studio.

    Of the ten or so CD’s in my car…
    You Are The Music We're Just The Band
    Way Back to the Bone – Live
    High Flyers: The Best of Trapeze
    Glenn Hughes – Soulfully Live in the City of Angels
    Glenn Hughes – Building the Machine

    Thanks for a great read.


    Please feel free to keep me posted on anything else you find.


  • Hi all,
    This is my first post here, but I've been a huge fan of Trapeze forever. Had the pleasure of seeing them numerous times in the '70's although in the post GH era. I was lucky enough to meet the guys, and spend a little time backstage at a few gigs. Mel, Dave, Pete Wright & Pete Goalby were generous enough to take time to talk to a bunch of scruffy kids who thought Trapeze were wonderful. I've never forgotten those times (I'm sure they have...:cool:)

    As a guitar player, Mel has always been my favourite. I started to learn guitar because of him, although I will never come close to his talent and feel for a tune.

    Anyway, thanks for everything Mel, and when's the flippin' solo album coming out???

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