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  • :claphands What a night! great! still the voice of rock, he never faulters and what a nice guy,
    whatever he plays you should be very greatful for what he does,
    dont worry what the set list is going to be like or what songs he is going to do,
    just listen to the guy sing because no one in the world can touch him,
    and as long as glenn is there then so am I
    so get off your asses travel the country and see him, i always will! glenn hughes northampton 31 0ct 2006 051.jpgglenn hughes northampton 31 0ct 2006 055.jpg

  • Great pictures, Paul and all the others! Must have been a really great show in Northhampton! Wish I could have stayed a few days longer to attend this show as well! Yes, Im quite sure the band playing was a bit tighter, it will be better with every gig that this new band is performing, so I guess the other british gigs in March will be a real blast.

    Get the funk, Achim

  • I have to agree with Wolfy's account of the evening. It was a great show and the best performance that i've seen from Glenn.

    Glenn even said after the show that this was one of his best solo shows and told the band that "If we're that good now, imagine what we're gonna be like in a week or so"!!!

    I think that the new band have brought a new energy and vitality to Glenns shows and music.

    Karlosus- glad to see that the pic I took with you and Glenn turned out good.

    Johnyboy- thanks for the offer, but I think i'll keep the Vectra lol ;)

    Ok, who's got a boot of the show?


  • Superb review, Paul! Thanks for twisting the knife a little more - it wasn't already bad enough that we couldn't be there! :lol:

    There is so rarely a time when Glenn is not at the top of his game - but the planets must have been especially aligned that night :singer: :eek:
    Thanks to everyone for sharing. It's nice to have friends that can relate this stuff back to us :claphands


  • Wolfy, I agree with you re Glenn writing and recording with Geoff.

    In fact it would be no bad thing if the next album was a "band project" I think these group of guys have so much to offer as a unit ,it would be great to hear and see the results they come up with :singer:

    I was really impressed with Geoff live and I love what I have heard of the Shape 68 stuff. I feel Geoff offers more orginality than maybe JJ who I think is great at the more retro rock/purple stuff.

    The into to Mistreated was just wonderfull and his playing was sooo tastefull. I was pretty excited when I heard about the new line up but they exceeded any expectations I had.

    As Keith said, you just gotta go see these boys. Perhaps most importantly Glenn seems really happy with the band and it shows in his own performance.

    I feel this is because he does not have to worry what the others are up to, in fact they are inspiring him to new levels both in his own playing and as a singer.

    By this time next week the band will be even better if thats possible, just wish I could be there to see it. Finally, I hope this is the line up that plays in March 07, I really do :claphands

  • And by the time this tour comes to an end and the band are as tight as a windsail knot, then just maybe it will be time for a US tour too :bouncer:

    so light a candle in the window.......
    i will be coming home tonite

  • No unfortunately.....he decided to save them [acoustic quitars] for the Spring '07 tour :cool:

    Ok, so there are two possibilities: either he introduces an acoustic number for the Finland show or he's coming back here in spring '07 too! :p

    Well, not complaining here, any setlist featuring his solo material is fine with me. It's just that after seeing the clips posted by David with Glenn doing "I Found a Woman", "Nights & Coast to Coast" I was soooo looking forward to hearing him do that live here, it would be übercool. He does it so well and it sounds so good that I wish he would do it. Come on, 3 or 4 minutes of vocal heaven... :singer:

    One would have to be either deaf or severely emotionally restricted not to be amazed.

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