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  • Great show from Glenn and the lads tonight - a much better performance and sound to boot.Only one song omitted from the set from Saturday (encore), but this was due to time constraints. All in all a much better show than JBs. The band are really gelling together! A full review to follow from Soulmover05. Finally I got to meet Wolfysmith outside the venue (he was slightly late like me!).Anyone going to Holland? Let me know and we meet up for a drink or two?
    For now heres some pics of the show.......................Second pic from left (center) - ideal for a caption competition - dont you think?

    :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

  • Must say the crowd picture is quite interesting :confused: DOesn't look overly crowded though. Hope that was not the case.

    "if only we'd turn around and notice the door to the cell is open"

  • HALF FULL! BUT I DIDNT WANT TO MENTION.............................................

    The rock gets rockier - whilst the Funk gets Funkier!!! :lol:

  • I have never seen Glenn in such good form as last night in Northampton, he was really up for it and the band were dynamite!
    He strutted around the stage like a man posessed, hey hang on it was Halloween!!!!:axemurderer:
    It sounded and looked like a different group of guys from Saturday night, with the band full of energy and far more confident.

    I took a mate who had never seen Glenn live before. He has been a working musician for 30 years and said that he has never seen a vocal performance like that in his life!!!

    The set list was the same, however WSOP was moved from the encore into the main body of the set.

    The new songs sound like classics to me already and really work well live.

    Again Mark Mondesir was phenomenal and along with Glenn they form a huge rhythm section. As a huge JJ fan I still want him there, but Jeff Kollman is excellent. (although he still needs to learn BURN, sorry Jeff, 2 gigs 2 mistakes!!!)

    I am just worried about the keyboard player, he spends the whole gig looking like he's wondering if he might have left the iron switched on! :confused:

    Hats off to the Roadmender and the sound guys, it was crystal clear, loud and powerful,

    Glenn's bass sounded like the God of Thunder gargling with Nails!!!!

    In my opinion Glenn should find another hometown venue, JB's is awful soundwise!

    Good luck for the rest of the tour fellas!!!!!!!!!!!:claphands

  • Great gig last night, sound was pretty much perfect,with a band on fire. Jeff Kollman was excellent throughout. They lost there way a little during Orion ( i think it was Orion) but overall the best Glenn gig I have seen.

    I have to mention Mark Mondesir who is excellent and a perfect partner for Glenn, I really hope this band sticks together for some time the potiential is awesome.

    The turn out was pretty low and that's dissapionting considering the quality on show.

    Met Wolfy, David, Carl and Keith, thanks Keith :thumbup: good to put names to faces.

    And last but not least a big thanks to Glenn for a fantastic show.

    Good luck with the rest of the tour, Roll on March :claphands

  • Just a short review of last night.


    In mind of the fact that the band have only been together a few weeks,the performance was fantastic.

    Glenn's voice and bass playing was,even by his own high standards,superb.

    Jeff Kollman was not only excellent but he was clearly enjoying every moment.

    Mark's drumming was perfect for me played with a huge smile all of the way through.

    The keyboards were a little understated but a very small critisism.the sound was superb and much better than it was last year.

    All in all a perfect evening for us finished off by collecting 2 PLECTRUMS!!!.

    Well done to Glenn and the band for a wonderfull night.

    I have included a few photos.Hope they are ok?

    PS one very special Spinal Tap moment from last night.Whilst waiting outside for the show,we noticed Glenn drive off in a 6 year old Vauxhall Vectra,only to return later in a stretch limo!! Priceless :lol:

  • Yet again the Roadmender proved to be another highlight for the UK tour - great venue and sound - GLENN with his new band, played one of his best performances in a long, long time last night in Northampton.

    Everyone was on top of their game, I just wish I wasn't parked so close to the speakers, as the resulting movie clips don't do them justice - a little too much distortion in places, but you certainly get a feel for the perfection displayed.

    Great to see both old and new faces once again.

    Roll on Spring 2007 :cool:





    GLENN and Jeff Kollman




    Jeff Kollman




  • I was standing with Wolfysmith and Mark (no probs mate) and repeatedly we were saying "this band is on fire." Jeff particularly has started to nail a couple of tracks as his own, most notably Monkey Man, Nights in White Satin and Mistreated where he showcased his own work before hitting those Blackmore chords on the latter.

    Mark was a revelation forming a formidable nay shitkickin' rythym with Big Daddy. Wow that bass sound! Oh and da Voice of Rock. What can you say? As Glenn said himself in his intro " Sounding good on record's fine but spread the word guys, you gotta see us live."

    You can tell Glenn is happy with his line up revealing during the encores that this was the best solo gig he'd done with band. From a fan's perspective, I cannot remember seeing a band being able to handle some of the changes in mood so eloquently. I am pretty sure that this was the best Glenn gig I'd seen.

    One minute demonic riffs and the next funk double time and then.....white space even silence when it was needed. I noticed Mark Mondesir behind the kit freaking to Jeff's solo to Mistreated getting really into it even though he was taking no active part until later in the piece. That's team work. Anyone who still thinks jazz-trained drummers can't rock will have to witness Mark playing Burn!

    Soulmover and Johnnyboy, I think Anders brings an eccentric foil to the showmanship of Jeff and Glenn on stage. He doesn't have the rock star gait for sure, but he is more intent on laying a platform for the rest of the band to feed off and playing his most active role in many of the more soulful and emotional parts of the performance eg in You Keep on Moving.

    For me the spinetingling moment for the whole gig was In My Blood. Wolfy's right. Keep it in the set Glenn! Yup a song for Halloween for sure. This was Addiction style rock at it's best. Oh by the way anyone thinking of going to the Euro shows, Addiction is on offer to fans for only 8E at the merchandise stall. Funkiest moment was You Got Soul.We have now :singer:

    On attendance, without dwelling on the issue, there are a number of factors to consider: This was The Roadmender's first major gig since reopening, so their own publicity machine had not been properly brought into action. Also due to the short time we had promoting the gig for reasons which Carl has already explained, we were actually OK with both the "walk up" and the pre sales. Some articles in local newspapers and what's ons helped, as well as our host David's and Fedor's efforts online.

    There were a couple of Spinal Tap moments experienced by David and I, yet another indicator that the venue had not quite got its act together. We wandered the labrynthe of corridors backstage for some time before we found the right doors. Cue Twilight Zone theme. But for fear of sounding like I am dissing the venue, the sound quality was awesome and a tremendous asset to the people of the East Midlands is back. Amen to that.

    One message to our friends in cities across Europe, whatever else you've got on from deaths to births to weddings, cancel them. Life's too short. See Glenn instead. You won't regret it.

  • One message to our friends in cities across Europe, whatever else you've got on from deaths to births to weddings, cancel them. Life's too short. See Glenn instead. You won't regret it.

    Getting my passports renewed for the trip to Bratislava (only a 45 minute drive but a Schengen border!) and probably Budapest too.
    They're both EU but nevertheless you need a valid passport to go there.
    A friend is kind enough to translate the Slovakian site of the venue for me so that we can order tickets online....

    Can't wait to see the show!

    Thanks for your reports and the pics too!

    :) C.



  • PS one very special Spinal Tap moment from last night.Whilst waiting outside for the show,we noticed Glenn drive off in a 6 year old Vauxhall Vectra,only to return later in a stretch limo!! Priceless :lol:

    Oi !! Thats my Vauxhall Vectra lol ;)
    Don't know who you saw getting out of the stretch limo, but it wasn't Glenn cos I brought him back later.
    How many beers had you drunk? :eek: :lol:


  • HALF FULL! BUT I DIDNT WANT TO MENTION.............................................

    Sometimes I am just amazed at what people will go to see. Some recent half-empty shows I have seen included Montrose and Leslie West & Mountain. The crowd is there for the music at least, not just to get out of the house. Too often you see a crowd of deadbeats who just didn't want to sit home and watch CSI:Boise, ID again, so they head to a show and just want to get wasted and annoy real fans.

    Even though 50% will never pay the bills as well as 80% full, you may actually make it up in merchandising, and, the infamous 'word of mouth'.

    I would imagine you will be playing to larger audiences on the Continent though :) as Glenn seems to have a very healthy following there :thumbup:

    Keep coming with the reviews, pics, etc., and hopefully someday soon I will be able to return the favor!! :thumbup:

    "if only we'd turn around and notice the door to the cell is open"

  • This all sounds really good and exciting, looking forward to the Helsinki gig on 10.11..

    To Keith Thompson, johnnyboyUK, Soulmover05: I have quoted parts of your great reviews in a post to the concerts section of a finnish discussion board, hope you don't mind! The gig here (as elsewhere too?) was confirmed a bit late, just trying to let people know about it. Also put up a link to these pages, maybe a few lost souls will see the light... or hear it, in this case ;)

    All the best,

    - Arnito -

    "It's not what you say, it's the feeling that's the song"

  • Sorry about the Vectra mention(I am a motor trader and spot cars all of the time)but I must have had 20 beers as I thought the car looked too good to be in Northamton-or was it stolen? ;)

    We did see the limo though and saw it again heading towards the Ibis,or was it the rusty old Vectra from earlier :thumbup:

    If you want to sell it/part exchange it I may swap it for one of my recently aquired plectrums? :cool:

  • Tuesday night started out badly but just got better and better. After a nightmare journey that took 2 hours 20 minutes :mad: to travel 70 miles thanks to a big smash on the M6 I finally arrived at the New Roadmender just before 8.30. Met Dpurpleface on the way in and found David and Keith in the bar – where else! :lol: Mark3 introduced himself in the hall and I met Englishrob after the show too :)

    Having been to last years show here I was full of expectation for great sound and I wasn’t disappointed.

    This was loud, heavy and clear. I could even hear the keyboards! During the show I kept thinking of all my GHPG friends who travelled to JB’s and how I wish they had sound quality like this on the Saturday night. The only complaint I had about the Roadmender was that, like at JB’s, the lights weren’t too good. Every time Jeff moved away from his mic spot he was out of the light. There were several solos where he needed a spotlight on him but he was basically playing in the shadows.

    As for Glenn and the boys, this was an AWESOME show :eek: :bow: After Monkey Man I turned and said to Keith “Jeff is on fire”. Well, it was Halloween! :D Jeff and Mark showed that Glenn was right to change things round for live shows. They were both red hot on the slow, fast, heavy, melodic, bluesy and funky bits. Just so tight as a unit. Just so together.

    In fact Keith and I said “Awesome” after every song! :p

    There is no doubt in my mind that this was THE BEST show I have ever seen Glenn do. REALLY!
    I thought this after the encores, on the way home, and I still do now almost 24 hours later.

    Not just because, as usual, his voice was immaculate :singer: Or that his bass work was exceptional too. It’s because Jeff :guitarmetand Mark:drummer: have taken the songs to another level. I’ve been lucky enough to watch Glenn at least twice on every tour since seeing him on the Addiction tour in Wolverhampton, including both HTP tours and the Legends of Rock tour :)

    While two moments still stand out from those shows in my mind (I Don’t Want to Live That Way Again on the Addiction tour and WSOP on the LOR) as a show where everyone played and sang to their limit there has been nothing better than this. And by a fair way I would say.

    I’m not saying JJ and whoever else played in the line-ups was poor. Far from it. I saw some great shows. I just mean that live Glenn’s band has just moved up a couple of notches to somewhere around the PHENOMENAL mark.

    And this is just 2 practises and 2 shows in. You people in Euroland have got something amazing coming your way. You really have.

    Last night for me was the best GH version yet of Mistreated. Jeff opened with a bluesy solo spot longer than at JB’s, and then proceeded to not just nail Blackmore’s riff but to make it his own with his distinctive style and power. The ending to Dont Let Me Bleed was even better than at JB's. More echo/delay or whatever the effect is on the "I just want to go" bit really made it groove along. Other tracks like Soul Mover and the M4TD songs were given the power and intensity that they deserve. And You Keep On Moving, which I admit to thinking could be left out after getting played on practically every tour, has got a new lease of life. In fact I think its right to say Glenn himself has got a new lease of life working with this new band

    After the show Mark3 and I were lucky enough to be invited back to meet Glenn. Thanks Keith :thumbup: And he was full of enthusiasm for the future of this band and tour. And rightly so. SITKOR was top class and so i say,


    And also Glenn, thanks for you know what ;) I have a feeling some of your USA Crazy People are going to be pleased when Santa’s parcel arrives from England.

    Jeff, some more pictures will be emailed to you soon :thumbup: :yes:

    :ghcp: "It's in my blood"

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