• Sorry about the headline grabber but I have a very urgent request.

    I will be in Northampton tomorrow along with my wife and my two daughters(16&12)my problem is this.Being a complete novice on the live music scene(my first gig was in Northamtopn last year with my 16 year old),I would dearly love to have a chance to meet or have a photo taken with Glenn on the night but I really do have no idea how to go about it!! :huh: and I have been a fan of Glenn and his music for about 25 years

    Any ideas or suggestions would be very well received(rewarded!!!).

    Thanks very much in advance.

    John and family :bow:

  • Hiya John,
    Just get to the venue mid afternoon and ask for Carl Swann, thats Glenns Manager. He is very nice and will bend over backwards to help!!!

    See you there if you like ! We can have a pint !

  • Thanks very much for that.I would love to have a pint with you and then perhaps you can hold my hand in meeting Glenn(if I havent't managed it by then) :)

  • Thanks for replying Keith but I am afraid that we did'nt get the opportunity to meet Glenn even though we arrived at 4.30.I just don't have the knack of how to go about it!

    I will be going to see him again in March and we will try again.

    Thanks again.


  • Very un-rock&roll I know,but I had to go 150 miles back home and the kids had school next morning :(

    Maybe next time we go-at the risk of a fine or prison sentence from the local authorities-I might take them out of school :)

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