Jeff Scott Soto's Online Store now OPEN!

  • Hey folks - just wanted to let you know that Jeff Scott Soto's store is open! Go to, click on the store and select the appropriate region. There you'll find the new Talisman CD, Soul SirkUS CD/DVD, Live at the Gods 2002 CD and DVD, Essential Ballads, the double-live Queen convention CD and DVD, Jeff's latest solo album and more.

    Most of the recent JSS releases feature guitarist Howie Simon (aka GHPG's very own Satan!) Of particular interest to GH fans is Jeff's 'Prism' album, which features the funk-tacular duet between JSS and Glenn Hughes on 'I Wanna Take You Higher'!


  • I bought the Queen convention show from his site earlier this year. It is excellent - I highly recommend it for any Queen fans.

  • You're right about the Queen show, Jon. I've never been a huge Queen fan, but there's no knocking the performances - JSS and the band pull off outstanding versions of forty-something Queen classics.


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